Friday, April 18, 2014

Starlight Makeup Lipgloss swatches

A good friend of mine owns a great beauty business out in Chicago and recently has started her own makeup line called Starlight Makeup. She wanted to give me a few glosses to check out. I decided to pick 5 shades that would translate closest with colors I'd typically put on my bridal clients.

This post is actually from a year ago, but turns out I never actually posted it! 

You all know I love thing that really appeals to me about these glosses is the packaging. It looks a lot like that familiar mac packaging that I love. I'm turned off by overly weird or unique packaging because they tend to not be very practical.

Secondly, the formula is wonderful. It's thick enough to stay on for a long time, but not too thick to where it feels uncomfortable. Here are my swatches. For the record, I think Natural Luster is my fav!

Lillian, owner of Starlight Makeup, is in the process of setting up her online store. Before now, she was just taking custom orders for other industry professionals -- but now she's selling to consumers! woo! For now, this is a link to her beauty services website (hey, maybe you're in the Chicago area and need someone for hair or makeup!), and soon there will be the option on that site to purchase her products. If you like any of these glosses and want them now, please email her using the email address listed on the front page of her website. XO LC