Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Starlooks December 2013 Starbox Review / Swatches

December 2013 Starlooks Starbox

December 2013 Starlooks Starbox

$99 value December 2013 Starbox Eyeshadow Palette

Starlooks 15 eyeshadow palette december 2013 starbox

Dec 2013 Starbox Eyeshadow palette swatches

December 2013 Starbox 15 Eyeshadow palette swatches

Hey all....really apologize about getting this up so late. I had actually written it up when I first received the box last month, but apparently it never posted...so here it is.

For the last 2 years, Starlooks has made their December Starbox a very special box because it includes a $99 value 15-eyeshadow palette. Last years was incredibly vibrant, depending on the box you received, and this one, was much more neutral, and I believe everyone received the same one. I really enjoyed the colors in this palette so much more, because they are colors I can use on a daily basis.

For $15, it's really awesome to receive such a large palette. I am so grateful that Starlooks was so generous to gift me this box.

Being that there are so many colors, there are endless opportunities as to what to wear on your eyes. This palette can literally work throughout the entire year in and out of each season.

The downside - there are a few shades that are lacking in pigmentation. Mainly the matte pinky/purple shade. I had done several layers of swatches to get it to show up like that. A couple other matte shades didn't have great pigmentation, but weren't as bad as the pink. Other than that, they have a beautiful texture and color. If it's still available on the site, I'd highly suggest picking one up, and for that matter, signing up for future Starbox subscriptions at www.starlooks.com/starbox. You can purchase the December 2013 starbox here.

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