Saturday, December 7, 2013

November Starlooks Starbox

Starlooks Starbox for November 2013
Starlooks Starbox Nov 2013

November Starlooks Starbox Contents. Gel liner, Angled Liner brush, Pencil Sharpener, and a 5-pan eyeshadow palette

The Eyeshadow Quint 

Infinity Gel Liner in "Orion"- Amazzzzing! Seriously. Gorgeous deep teal shade. Formula is bullet proof...water proof...budge proof...Nice and smooth too. Also works as a shadow base.

824 Slanted Liner brush - Love this brush.provides a nice thin line. Can be used for gel liner, shadow, lip, or brow products. Great quality and holds its shape very well.

5-Shadow Palette "Monaco" - overall, not a fan :( I will go thru it shade by shade. They don't have individual shade names (another downfall for me) so I will just describe the shade.
White - Matte...Chalky...lacks pigmentation. Similar to MAC's Gesso shadow, but with less pigmentation.
Taupe - Shimmery, this one is wonderful. Great color I'd use all over my lid for a simple look, or incorporate it into something smokey and sultry. Great pigmentation and texture.
Navy - Matte...Chalky and lacks pigmentation like the white one.
Orange-Red - Matte...again, chalky and lacked proper pigmentation.
Gold - Lustre...a fun gold, sparkly color, but lacks pigmentation. Would be great to add overtop of another shadow to add some gold sparkle as well.
The palette was just a "miss" for me this time.

That gel liner and angled brush though...I will be using them frequently!


For December, Starlooks is putting together a box that is worth about $'s going to be a 15-pan palette!!! I got it last year (this year will have new colors) and it was amazing ...(much better than this 5 pan palette!)

It's only $15. December 10th is the deadline to sign up!!!