Sunday, September 29, 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Swatches...Every single MSF! Plus comparison swatches!

There are 55 total Mineralize Skinfinishes that MAC has made in their history of collections. I finally can say that I own them all now. I am posting this as a resource because I realized there is no updated MSF resource out there with a comprehensive list of all the skinfinishes, let alone swatches of them all in once spot.

I am including the extra dimension skinfinishes in this group as well.

If you'd like to see certain MSFs swatched next to each other that I haven't already done, please leave a comment with that request. I think you can click on the photo to make it a bit bigger. Enjoy!

Complete List of MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes MSFs 
(updated Jan 2014)

BlondeLight FlushRio
BrunetteLight-Medium Natural/ShimmerRose Quartz
By CandlelightLightscapadeScene To Be Scene
Center Of The UniverseLight YearShape The Future
Centre Of AffectionLustShimpagne
Cheeky BronzeMedium Dark Natural/ShimmerShooting Star
ComfortMedium Natural/ShimmerSmooth Merge
Crystal PinkMetalrockSo Ceylon
Dark Natural/ShimmerNaked YouSoft and Gentle
Deep Dark Natural/ShimmerNew VegasStar Wonder
Definitely DefinedNorthern LightsStereo Rose
Double DefinitionPearlSunny By Nature
EarthshinePerfect ToppingSuperb
GlissadePerfectly PoisedTriple Fusion
Global GlowPetticoatWarm Blend
GlorifyPink PowerWarmed
Gold DepositPleasureflushWhisper Of Gilt
Golden LariatPorecelain Pink

mac magnetic nude extra dimension skinfinish swatches
MAC Magnetic Nude 2014 Extra Dimension skinfinishes in: Superb, Fairly Precious, and Magnetic Appeal

MAC Cosmetics Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinishes MSFs in: Centre Of Attention, Perfectly Poised, and Scene To Be Seen

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Warm Blend, Smooth Merge, Triple Fusion

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Soft and Gentle, Shimpagne, Cheeky Bronze, Pleasureflush, Glissade, Porcelain Pink, and By Candlelight

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Sunny By Nature, Comfort, Warmed, Shooting Star, So Ceylon, Stereo Rose, Metalrock, Gold Deposit, and Global Glow

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Goldspill, Refined, Perfect Topping, Naked You, Northern Lights, Petticoat, and Light Flush

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Lightscapade, New Vegas, Adored, Rio, Lust, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Wonder Woman Pink Power and Golden Lariat
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish swatches of: Whisper of Gilt, Superb, Glorify, Double Definition, Definitely Defined, and Shape the Future

MAC Mineralize skinfinish swatches of: Light-Medium Natural/Shimmer, Medium Natural/Shimmer, Medium-Dark Natural/Shimmer, Dark Natural/Shimmer, Deep Dark Natural/Shimmer

MAC Mineralize skinfinish comparison swatches of: Global Glow, Gold Deposit, Warm Blend, and Metal Rock