Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October's 2013 starlooks starbox

By far one of the best boxes they've ever done.

The goodies! A fun lipgloss stick, steel grey eye liner, and my favorite - a blush palette!

I absolutely love that this box came with a little blush palette. 

For me,  all of the colors are wearable,  however,  this may not suit darker skin tones. The texture and pigmentation is great! I showed it to my mom,  she's not a makeup person at all.  She said she didn't like the lighter color,  didn't think it would look good on her.  I went ahead and applied it on her and she ended up loving it! 

Swatches of the products that came in the October starbox.
puzzy tendergloss (on left) is a gloss stick. It is basically clear with some pink and gold glitter and is a perfect complimentary product to any lipstick. Feels very moisturizing. 

The Diamond line eye liner is not something I would  personally wear as a liner on a normal occasion, but instead I like to use it as a base.  The texture is nice and smooth. The color is called Mirage and is between a silver and a gunmetal Grey. To use as a base,  simply apply it to the desired area and blend it out with a brush. 

Sign up now so you won't miss srarlooks famous Holiday starbox! It will include a 15 pan shadow palette! Worth about 100 bucks,  you can see my review on the 2012 December shadow palette on my blog here.  You won't want to miss the great deal .. only $15 ! You'll need to sign up before Dec 10th to get it !

xo lc

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