Thursday, March 28, 2013

Starlooks March 2013 Starbox review, swatches, fotd

Starlooks March 2013 Starbox
Starlooks March 2013 Starbox
Starlooks March 2013 Starbox
Starlooks March 2013 Starbox 
Starlooks Lengthening Mascara wand
Starlooks March 2013 Starbox Swatches L to R: Disarray Eyeshadow, Flutter Lipstick, Black Lengthening Mascara
Starlooks March 2013 Starbox FOTD using Disarray Eyeshadow and Flutter Lipstick


  • Eyes
    • Starlooks Disarray Shadow
    • Starlooks black Lengthening Mascara
    • MAC Spiked Brows
  • Skin
    • MAC Studio Fix Fluid
    • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural MSFN
    • MAC Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige and Shadowy
    • MAC Shaping Powder in Warm Light, Emphasize
  • Lips
    • Starlooks Flutter Lipstick

The Review

Not my favorite box. Sorry :( It's mainly a matter of personal preference. I do not like copper and frosty lipsticks. I do however, love navy shadows, which is what this box includes. The one problem with the shadow is that it's not super pigmented. It goes on a lot more pigmented on the eye lid than it does if you just try to swatch on your arm. I didn't use a primer, but I imagine that you'd have no problem with the pigmentation if you ended up using a primer. The shadow is a navy shade with a slight violet undertone and is between a satin ad frost finish. I love the finish of it. The mascara has a nice fluffy brush. I have some very stubborn lashes that don't really like any mascara, and this one didn't do a whole lot for them. Nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't amazing. It would be a good mascara to throw in your purse for touch ups. All in all, when I look back to my FOTD, I feel like it goes together and looks nice on me (pardon my tired eyes!) and the more I look at it, the more I really like that shade of eye shadow.

*edited to add*

I wanted to add that 45 minutes after applying this shadow, I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw. No, I did not use a primer, but I usually don't use one and have never had this problem. I've never had this issue with a Starlooks shadow either, so I'm not sure if there's something in this shade that would cause breakdown to happen quicker or what...but typically this should not be happening before 6-8 hours.

Make sure to use your primers!


  1. This was a 'wow' look for me. That metallic lipstick and deep navy are beautiful together. You do such precise, clean, and original work. Thank you for inspiring me to do better because of the gorgeousness of your makeup.

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