Friday, March 29, 2013

Starlooks Lauren Clark Signature Set Swatches and FOTD!

Hi Everyone!

For those who don't know, I had a great opportunity to collaborate with Starlooks (an awesome makeup company!) to create a "Signature Set". This meant I picked out my favorite products and shades and bundled it all together to bring you the Lauren Clark set.

Since I'm obsessed with Coral...everything in my set is bright coral! Everything can be sheered out or worn vibrantly to create an array of looks.

One note before I get into this...there are only 4 sets left :(. They are seasonal and won't be restocking. So, if you like what you see, run to and grab  a set! If the sets are sold out, they will still be offering my signature lip pencil. It's so creamy and pigmented you'll fall in love immediately...

On to the swatches!

Lauren Clark Signature Set by Starlooks...Can you see my cute signature on the packaging??

Swatches of my Lauren Clark Signature Set by Starlooks. Lipstick, Lip Pencil, and Lipgloss in Tipsy, and HD Fluid Blush in Cheeky Luscious. Outdoor with no flash on top, Indoor with flash on bottom. I'd say the bottom pic is more accurate!!

The Review

Is it even fair to review my own products? The bottom line is I wouldn't have chosen these babies if I didn't stand behind them. But I'm going to break down each product so you can have a description.

Tipsy Lipstick - Very pigmented, goes on smooth, has a satin/creamy finish. Can be worn alone for a more subtle look, or paired with the Tipsy Lip Pencil and Gloss for added drama!
Tipsy Lip Pencil - The lip pencils from Starlooks are probably my favorite product from them. They are incredibly creamy and pigmented. Adore!
Tipsy Lip Gloss - This one is a lot more sheer than the first two. It's like the shy one out of the bunch. I did about 2-3 layers of the gloss in my swatches so you could see the color, but if you wear this gloss alone, you'll have a subtle hint of coral and it's extremely versatile.
Cheeky Luscious HD Fluid Blush - What is an HD Fluid Blush? Well it's really not fluid. It's actually very pasty. It's so thick and pigmented, you need the smallest dot for your cheek. That being said, this will probably last you a life time. Although it's so pigmented, it can be sheered out. The finish is a little more on the matte side, definitely more matte than what you're typical cream blush would look like. I like using my middle finger to tap the color on. I don't like using a brush for this particular product.


FOTD Using my Lauren Clark Signature Set - Tipsy Lipstick, Liner, and Gloss. Cheeky Luscious Fluid Blush.

Lonjure false lashes that I used

Products used:
  • Eyes
    • Starlooks Brown eye pencil
    • MAC Wedge shadow
    • Starlooks Almond shadow
    • Lonjure Lashes
    • MAC Spiked Brows
    • Starlooks "Fancy" Diamondline Eye pencil (the green under my eyes)
  • Skin
    • MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation
    • MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural
    • Starlooks Cheeky Luscious HD Fluid Blush
    • NYX Taupe to contour
  • Lips
    • Starlooks Tipsy Lipstick
    • Starlooks Tipsy Lipgloss
    • Starlooks Tipsy Lip Pencil

Here's the tutorial! Remember, check out to support me and buy up my sets and lip pencils!
xoxo LC