Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MAC Giveaway! Charity Fundraiser!

Hi everyone!

I have a really exciting prize for everyone -- but first, I want to explain what this is all about. My daughter is raising money for the American Heart Association. We set our goal at $1000 and we're about 17% there right now! I wanted to give my readers the opportunity to donate to this great cause as well as enter themselves into my MAC Giveaway!

We did this last year and had a great turn out. This year the prize is 10x better!


First Place
MAC Archie's Girls Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Face Powder
MAC Archie's Girls Ronnie Red Lipstick
and FOUR MAC Pro eyeshadows to include: Deep Damson, Kelly, Indian Ink, and Bottle Green.

2nd Place
MAC Pro Fusion Pink Lipstick

Everything is brand new in box.

The reason I chose those 4 shadows is because they're pro, and although pro products are now available online, it's still not as easy as going to your local mac and checking everything out. MAC Pro shadows are sooo pigmented and smooth and wonderful to use, so I wanted to share them with you guys :)

So as you can see there will be 2 winners.


To enter this contest, I need you to leave a comment under this post and tell me what your first makeup memory is and your email address. In addition, I'm asking that all of my entrants also contribute to the American Heart Association using this link:

For every $5 that you donate, you are entered an additional time. So if you leave a comment, that's one entry. If you also donate $5, you'd be entered twice. If you donate $25, you'll be entered 6 times (once for the comment, and 5 times for the donation!) **be sure that you're not doing it anonymously, otherwise I won't know how many times to enter you!**

By law, it is not required that you donate to enter this contest, but because I'm doing this giveaway as incentive for everyone to donate...I am strongly urging it. You can do any amount, there is no minimum.

This contest ends 2/26/2013 at 5pm EST. I will announce the winner the following day.



  1. My first makeup memory is my mom putting blush on me while she would be getting ready. I wanted to be a part of what she was doing :)

  2. My first memories with makeup are dance recitals as a kid... TONS of blue eyeshadow and hot pink blush so that the stage lights didn't "wash us out" ;)

    Good luck CiCi! What a great cause =] I donated $15 since I don't actually get paid until the en of the week. Every bit helps right? =D

  3. My first makeup memories were of my older cooler cousin doing makeovers on me and my little sister. She worked for clinique. I saw the pictures a few years ago and we looked like tiny prostitutes :D

    I donated! Good luck with your goal! :)

  4. My first make up memory was hysterical. I realllly wanted to wear eye liner, so I stole my Mom's after she got ready for work one day. Well, stealing my mom's expensive eye liner in 5th grade was NOT cool. I put it on my eyes and it looked AWFUL. I didn't know what I was doing. I wore it all day at school, and wound up forgetting I had it on. When my Mom got home from work, she was livid that I "stole" her make up without asking because "you never steal a woman's make up, Christina!" but then she sat me down and taught me how to put make up on right RIGHT way!

    She STILL didn't let me wear eye liner for 4 years following that incident...

  5. My first make up memory is buying WnW at 7/11 and DOING IT WRONG LOL. I had on foundation that was WAY too dark for my pasty skin. Big line at my neck!

  6. My first makeup memory is sitting on the bathroom counter and putting my mom's makeup on my babysitters! :)

  7. My first makeup memory is sitting in front of a mirror watching my aunt doing her makeup and it looks so beautiful on her :)

  8. My first makeup memory is my friend and I going to CVS and 'trying' to match ourselves with foundation. We always got teased by our guy friends for having the lines around or jaw line. We thought we were so HOT bc we looked "tan"!!! We would wear these horrible shades of lipstick too and would use EYELINER to line our lips. Did you ever wear really dark lip liner and light lipstick? ughhh i shudder thinking about how in that used to be lol.

  9. My first makeup memory is wearing bright purple eyeliner in highschool, thinking it was just right... those are bad pictures.

  10. My first makeup memory was watching my mother and my aunts getting ready to go to a ball, I watched how the laughed and chose different colors for each other. When they were done my mom asked me if I wanted a little lipsticks, I shook my head and said "Yes!", she told me that a great lipstick could compliment any lady. I hope you reach your goal!

  11. This is lovely! My first make up memory was my mum buying me a lipgloss for my first school disco when I was 11 :)

  12. My first makeup memory is my grandmother putting blush on my face as she put her own makeup on...because I was(and still am)so pale.

  13. My first makeup memories were of my Aunt doing makeovers on me :). I used to try her makeup on me when i was little like just 10 years old. aww these memories makes me laugh sometimes. :)

    GFC : Sadi


    Thankss alot and Good luck with your goal! :)

  14. My first make up memory is watching my mom do her makeup. She would sit in her pink recliner in her bedroom instead of doing her make up in her bathroom. She would put a towel on her lap and use a hand mirror. I just use to sit on her bed and watch her waiting for the day I was a loud to wear makeup.. Good luck! Great cause! E-mail:

  15. my first makeup memory was wearing crazy bright blue eyeshadow with no other makeup on!

    awesome cause :)

    e-mail :

  16. oh man...I just deleted my entire comment by accident :(

    OK, first makeup memory, gramma had a little tin of lipsticks that I always would admire :) Me personally at about 13 I spent all my b-day money on CoverGirl, Maybelline and Revlon ( Coffeebean LS FTW!!)

    I donated $10, hope you guys hit your goal!!! XOXO

  17. my first memory is rocking UD's polyester bride!

  18. oops i forgot my email! ddrgirle at gmail dot com :)

  19. My first make-up memory is of my mom buying me one of those little makeup palettes for little girls...I carried that palette with me everywhere I went! Until mom realized how bad the makeup really was when she noticed it was making my face break out in rashes!

  20. Oops my email

  21. My grandmother (mimmie) had these cheap lipsticks when I was little that I thought were the best things ever because they were blue in the tube but turned pink when applied to the lips. I would even try to apply them on my babydolls. It was always fun going through her cosmetics since my mother has never worn makeup.

    My email is

  22. My mom and sister bought me these Barbie makeup kits starting when I was 6, filled with really cheap and unpigmented products, but I was always excited. When I got my first pimple, i borrowed some of my sister's highly pigmented foundation and only put it on the pimple. I went all day with one covered spot and when my sister saw me later, she laughed at me and explained the concept of blending. Ah, memories. haha

    I donated five dollars :)

    Rachel Palacios

  23. I first started using makeup in college. I used only four things: foundation, powder, eye shadow (one color), and mascara. Now, I use 400 things! Ah, look how far I've come! :)


  24. My first makeup memory was when I was 9. And I got for Xmas this awesome hot pink caboodle filled with late 80s trend makeup (purples, pink & of course blue) and I played dress up on my step mom. What's so funny 23 yrs later my step mom this year gives me as a Xmas gift that picture of me doing her makeup! I didn't know then but my passion for makeup has always been there.

  25. My first memory of makeup makeup was when I
    first stepped foot in sephora. I was like a kid in a candy store. All the colors and possibilities u could really sparked my interestband love I love how everyday you have the chance to create a different look and also play with colors.

  26. My first makeup memory was watching my mother apply her Mary Kay cake liner on the top lid and apply her lipstick from a Mary Kay lip palette, which had 3 colors...ooohh. She even used brushes to apply her makeup! (So sophisticated of her!).
    This is a very strong image that I have of my mom, I remember it with great fondness.

    I also donated to this wonderful fundraiser... Wishing you success in making the goal!

  27. My first make up memory involves lots of lipsmackers! I had one in every flavor and I probably used them all at once:) Heather Paulding

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