Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 Starbox - Lauren Clark Edition!

The months leading up to the launch of this box were a little stressful and chaotic on my end. That's because Starlooks asked me to collaborate with them to come up with the February 2013 Starbox!

Why me? Well for starters, their whole thing is they want to team up with up-and-coming artists rather than celebrities..because people already know who celebs are, so why not help out the up-and-coming people and help get their name out? Secondly, I've been a long time starbox customer and have reviewed them every month, something that didn't go unnoticed with them.

They first reached out to me in December about doing this box. We talked about the products that could go in there. Then they sent me the products to make sure I like them and could work with them. I gave the stamp of approval, then Starlooks quickly set up a photoshoot for me in my area. It was very fun to be a part of that when normally I'm the behind-the-scenes person in a photoshoot. Here are a few pictures from the shoot:

It got so exciting when they told me the boxes were going to be shipped soon:

And finally...the boxes arrived at people's houses's what's in the box:

1. Princess Diaries Gel Eyeliner
2. Pink Oasis Lip Gloss
3. Barbie HD Fluid Blush
4. Tipsy Lip Pencil

Pink Oasis Lipgloss, Princess Diaries Gel Liner, and Barbie HD Fluid Blush

I will show you the swatch of Tipsy Lip Pencil in just a minute...

but first, I want to tell you about  my Lauren Clark Lip Sets that are coming out. My favorite color from Starlooks is the Tipsy color, which is a beautiful bright coral. So my lipsets will include the Tipsy Lip Pencil, Tipsy Lipstick, and Tipsy Gloss. There's also a bonus Coral HD Fluid Blush!!

Starlooks Tipsy Lip Pencil, Lip Stick, and Gloss
Taken indoor with a flash
outside no flash

Sorry I don't have the blush in my possession to swatch, but I will swatch it tomorrow and post it for you!

Here are some ways you can use the contents of the box!

 Please let me know how you like everything!!




  1. What a fun opportunity! The photos turned out great- all the success to you!

  2. This looks like an amazing set, Lauren. Congratulations! You look beautiful in the pictures. Dying over Tipsy lipliner, I need a coral liner!