Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Exciting News!!!!

February Starlooks Starbox 

Back in April, I subbed to the Starbox and have been reviewing it every months. A Couple of months ago, the owner of the company, a super nice lady named Marci, had found out about me and said she wanted to do a collab with me on an upcoming box. I had no idea it would actually come true.

There has been one other "signature" special edition starbox in the past that featured a magazine editor and fashion designer. It was a really cool box. This time it's my turn.

Starlooks like to collaborate with individuals who are up and coming ( I think it's awesome they regard me in that way). It was such a joy to be able to work with them and give them my input on which products and colors should be featured in Feb's box.

I'm not allowed to tell you what's in it....yet...just know that I love and stand behind the products.

If you haven't subscribed to the Starbox...please subscribe for this month in support of me. I'd really appreciate it. It's $15 and you will receive 4 full sized products. You may stop your subscription at any time with no penalty.

You have until February 1st to sign up in time to receive my February box! Click here to sign up: Lauren Clark's Starbox
Thank you for your support!! xoxo LC


  1. I did it! Can't wait to see what you picked out! :)

  2. Congrat dear! Just subscribed! :D

  3. Just found out about you but I'm curious about what picked! Will subscribe and review the box in my youtube channel- chilenita74!