Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 Starlooks Starbox swatches

January 2013 Starlooks Starbox

"Fancy" Diamondline Pencil, "Brown" Eye Pencil, and "Cuty Peach" Blush
Wow. Just wow. This is probably my favorite box to date. Simply for the fact that it has the most AMAZING blush in it EVER. It's called Cuty Peach and is SO pigmented and gorgeous I just can't stand it!

I also love that it came with 4 products AND a bracelet.

 It came with:

Diamondline Pencil in "Fancy" which is a nice pastel shimmery greenish color. Diamondline Pencils are different from normal eyeliners in that they're very shimmery, very pigmented, and go on very smooth. This one was a hit in my book.

Eye Pencil in "Brown" - kind of your every day brown eyeliner. Perfect for days when you feel like have a slightly more natural look. Nice pigmentation but will smudge a little if you have a tendency to touch or rub your eyes.

#858 brush. - almost identical to mac's 214 short shader brush. Great for packing on eyeshadow or smudging shadow or liner under the eye area.

Cuty Peach Blush - the rockstar of the box. Wow. Seriously, this blush is to die for. It's the most beautiful pinky peach color when worn.

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