Friday, August 24, 2012

August Starlooks Starbox

August Starlooks Starbox

Starlooks Sculpture Gel Liner and Pink Petal Rose Lipgloss and 844 Brush

Starlooks Sculpture Gel Liner and Pink Petal Rose Lipgloss and 844 Brush

Starlooks Sculpture Gel Liner and Pink Petal Rose Lipgloss Swatch

This month's Starbox was in collaboration with Lauren Bradley who is a celebrity fashion stylist and designer. This is their first special edition box. I was really happy with this box. The box included:
Gel Liner in a color called Sculpture, it is a metallic pewter color
Lipgloss in Pink Petal Rose, a toned down bubblegum pink
844 angled brush.

They also threw in a bonus autographed postcard of Lauren Bradley (although I'm not sure what I'll do with it lol).

I'm really impressed with the gel liner. It's very similar to Bobbi Brown's gel liner. I put two swatches of it on my hand about 4 hours ago and it hasn't budged. I tried smearing it (after about a minute after it set) and it won't smudge. The brush that comes with it is very nice as well, nice and thin and makes nice precise lines.

Check out if you're interested in getting it! It's $15 a month and you receive 3-4 full size products each month. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I meant to post about this back in June when it actually happened, but better late than never. I wanted to share about my trip to LA and what IMATS LA 2012 was like.

June 22nd - Pro Night -- 

Last year I wasn't able to come in town in time to make it to pro night, but this year was different. I was so happy to get to go to pro night because there were NO lines and NO amazing! I was also allowed to bring a guest in (my hubby, he hated it! lol!). I just arrived, checked in at the table (with no lines), got my pro badge and wrist band, and went on my way to buy the stuff I had on my list. Here's what I bought on pro night.

IMATS LA 2012 haul
I got some Silicone Based Temptu Airbrush foundation, a few Inglot Gel Liners (yellow, forest green, sky blue, and violet), some NYX Lipglosses to give as touch up glosses to my bridal clients, NYX Taupe blush, a set bag (the little bag on the right which holds touch up products I might need on set), and a mini version of my regular makeup case. I will show comparison pictures below. Also, that blue bottle is a brush cleanser that is absolutely amazing by Monda Studios.

IMATS LA 2012 Pro Night Haul.

June 23rd - 24th, Saturday and Sunday -- 

Although I bought a 2-day pass, I ended up only going to one class on Sunday and leaving right afterwards. Between Pro Night and Saturday, I had seen everything and bought everything that I wanted to see and buy. I really like going to IMATS mainly for the seminars though. As a makeup artist, I typically get a greater pro discount with all the lines on a regular basis, so unless there are really great deals, I don't really ever go to IMATS to just shop. I like to take advantage of the classes. Paying $30 for a day's worth of seminars is a great deal. Saturday I probably attended 3-4 classes and Sunday I just did one. I wasn't too interested in any of the other classes for that day. Here's a few other things I bought on Saturday.

This photo includes the stuff I had bought on Pro night, but on Saturday I had bought glitters and glitter tattoo stencils (my oldest daughter likes me to do these on her), 2 OCC Liptars, The Dayglo Kryolan paint set, a Bdellium brush, and Blot Out Offensive which is made by a little company called Nurturing Force. It's a white mouse-y like cream that you apply before foundation and helps combat oil through out the day.

This is how the glitter tattoos work. Cute right??

Monda Studios Large and Small Case Comparison
My large makeup kit is on the left, and my new mini case is on the right. I bought the smaller one for two reasons. 1. I'd like to put items in there that I wouldn't normally keep in my regular kit (body painting products, glitter, pigments, etc) but would be easy to just grab and go if I need them. 2. If I need to fly for a job, the mini case makes a perfect carryon and I could just downsize into that one for the trip. The little one also stacks on top of the big one.

Just a silly photo of me having a drink with Franky at IMATS :))

After I left LA I went to Las Vegas with my husband. Here are a couple random photos from that!

In the Cosmopolitan
Yummy deserts from the buffet in the Aria Hotel

Shirt from Victoria Secret, Skirt from Hollister


Makeup Artist Magazine, which is the company that puts on IMATS, announced back in June that going forward in 2013 and on, IMATS LA will be held in January instead of June. This highly annoys me. If I'm going to take a little vacation out to LA, I don't want to do it when it's cold. Because the 2012 and 2013 LA IMATS will only be 6-7 months apart, I won't be going next year, but perhaps I'll go to the NYC one. I believe the NYC one is held in March or April.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Starlooks Starbox contents and swatches

Classy blush/highlighter, gold dust eyeshadow, and citron lipstick
Starlooks  Classy blush/highlighter, gold dust eyeshadow, and citron lipstick swatches

July Starbox Review

This was a fun starbox and great for summer. 

The Blush - "Classy" is the name of the blush, but to me it's more of a highlighter. It's too light on my skin (NC35) to be used really as a blush, but it makes a gorgeous highlighter and I love the texture.

The Shadow - "Gold Dust" is the name of the eyeshadow. It's a pale gold shimmer. It's kind of like mac's going banana's shadow but with a more buttery texture like goldmine. I like putting this color on the inner 2/3rds of my lid and pairing it with either a forest green, brown, or an orange for a more summery look.

The Lipstick - called "Citron" is very creamy and somewhat sheer. I had to swatch it back and forth a few times to get it to show up like that. It's a great coral shade with golden flecks of shimmer in it.

The box also came with a little mirror, which wasn't of the best quality, it was kind of beat up looking on the outside, but hey, I've never had a mirror in my purse, so now I have one and it serves its purpose :)

Sign up for your starbox here: , the cost is $15 per month and you will receive 3-4 full size Starlooks items. You don't have to commit to doing it every month either, you may opt out of a month whenever you'd like!