Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Starbox Review and FOTD

December Starlooks Starbox
December Starlooks Starbox
December Starlooks Starbox
December Starlooks Starbox Palette
December Starlooks Starbox Palette i110A

December Starbox Palette Swatches of the red, orange and yellow gold eye shadows

December Starbox Palette Swatches of the purple, blue, and green shadows
FOTD using Starlooks December box palette

Eye look using Starlook December starbox palette
Products used:

  • eyes
    • Starlooks eyeshadows from the December starbox palette in light green, medium green, brown.
    • Starlooks eyeshadows Pearl Reflection and Almond
    • MAC In Extreme Dimension mascara
  • face
    • Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation
    • MAC Hyper real pressed powder
    • MAC Easy Manner Blush
  • lips
    • MAC Cork Lip Pencil
    • Starlooks Modest Gloss

The Review

Overall this palette is great. I know that initially it looks scary and too colorful to use, but try looking at each color individually. As far as quality, it's great. There are 2 shades (the middle pink and the light blue) that have iffy texture and pigmentation. Lots of fall out on those two. However, the others are buttery smooth and well pigmented.

What I didn't realize until now is that there were 8 different 15-pan palettes that were sent out for the December box, so not everyone got THIS palette (which is called i110A). The others are listed on the website.

Each shade in each palette is unique to the line, therefore can not be bought separately, and likewise, doesn't have a name for each shade, which sucks.

This box was a GREAT deal because we normally only get 3 or 4 products in each box, where this box had 15. 

This box is still available on the website, you can buy previous boxes for $25, which is still a great deal!

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