Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MAC Glamourdaze Swatches and review

Everyone has been going bananas for this collection to come out for a while. I'm excited for it too. Hope these swatches help you.

swatched on about nc20 skin

Review and dupe suggestions at bottom of blog post.

MAC Glamourdaze lipstick swatches: Beauty, Innocence, Glamourdaze, Outrageously Fun, and Dramatic Encounter
*Innocence in this photo looks slightly brighter than it does in real life. Outrageously Fun looks slightly more purple in real life. The other colors look true.

MAC Glamourdaze Nail Lacquer swatches: Endless Night, Girl Trouble, In The Limelight, and Everything That Glitters

MAC Glamourdaze Extra Dimension Eye Shadows A Natural Flirt, Stolen Moment, Round Midnight, Divine Blue, Ready To Party, Stylishly Merry, Evening Grey, and Talk, Dark & Handsome

MAC Glamour Daze Blush swatches Easy manner, Small Vanity, I'm the one. MAC Glamourdaze Kohl Power Eye Pencils Orpheus, Mystery, Feline, Raven, MAC Glamour Daze Fluidline Swatches Feminine Edge, Little Black Bow, and Catch My Eye

MAC Glamourdaze lipglass swatches, Impossibly Sweet, Talk To Me Softly, Deliciously Demure, Pink Fade, and Flight of Fancy

Review and Dupe Suggestions

Dupe suggestions are going to be from the permanent line only, so some shades might not be a "dupe" at all, but more like the closest substitute from the perm line. Shade suggestions in This color.

Lipstick ($16.50)
Beauty (glaze) Pale cool pink Politely Pink
Innocence (frost) Soft Coral Ravishing
Glamourdaze (cremesheen) Mid-tone creamy plum Capricious
Outrageously Fun (cremesheen) Mid-tone magenta violet Up The Amp
Dramatic Encounter (Amplified) Deep purple Cyber
These lipsticks have a great texture and are very pigmented.

LipGlass ($16.50)
Impossibly Sweet - Sheer soft pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments Moth To Flame Dazzleglass
Deliciously Demure - Soft cool brown with pearlized pigments Spirited Lipglass
Talk Softly To Me - Light creamy coral pink Underage lipglass
Pink Fade - Light creamy pink Just Superb Cremesheen Lipglass
Flight of Fancy - Rich Purple Pop Mode
Exactly what you'd expect out of lipglasses. My favorite is impossibly sweet because of its pink and gold glitter in it. 

Extra Dimension Small Eye Shadow ($19.50)
A Natural Flirt - Soft Peachy Nude Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
Divine Blue - Mid-tone aqua Aquadisiac Eyeshadow
Ready To Party - Pale lilac Seedy Pearl Eyeshadow
Stylishly Merry - Mid-tone dusty violet Cranberry Eyeshadow
Tall, Dark & Handsome - Black with pearlized pigments Black Tied
Evening Grey - Steel Silver Electra or Silverring Eyeshadow
Round Midnight - Dark burgundy Sketch
Stolen Moment - Dark taupe Satin Taupe
These are soft and buttery shadows with high shine to them. They have a great texture and a lot of pigmentation to them. 

Fluidline ($16.50)
Catch My Eye - Cool taupe grey with dazzle pearlized pigments n/a
Little Black Bow - Charcoal with dazzle pearlized pigments n/a
Feminine Edge - Pink Mauve with dazzle pearlized pigments n/a
These fluidlines have a LOT of glitter in them. I personally don't like glittery eyeliners. They also make a good eyeshadow base.

Kohl Power Eye Pencil ($16.50)
Raven - Intense black with red pearlized pigments
Orpheus - Intense black with gold pearlized pigments
Feline - Intense black with black pearlized pigments
Mystery - Intense black with green pearlized pigments
This is my favorite type of pencil eyeliner -- the kohl power eye pencil formula. The colors are really intense and pigmented.

False Lashes ($20) Black

Powder Blush ($22)
I'm The One - Mid-tone blue pink Well Dressed blush
Easy Manner - Light mid-tone peach Pinch O Peach Blush
Small Vanity - Dusty Rose Tan Mocha Blush
The blushes are very pigmented and go on smoothly. 

Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($29)
Whisper of Gilt - Light soft white gold with shimmery sheen Gold Studio Finish Loose Face Powder
Superb - Soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer Soft and Gentle MSF Mineralize Skinfinish
These have almost a chunkier texture than normal mineralize skinfinishes do. They have a metallic finish to them. Superb is too dark on my skin tone nc25 to use as a highlighter. Just a heads up for paler girls.

Nail Lacquer ($17.50)
Endless Night (cream) Pale grey pink with iridescent pearlized pigments
Girl Trouble (pearl) Super glitter pink
In The Limelight (cream) Mid-tone creamy mint
Everything That Glitters (pearl) Black with super multi-dimensional glitter
Well, MAC Nail polishes aren't the best formula, they chip after only a day or two, but the colors are still gorgeous.


  1. They're all are gorgeous. Hard t pick which ones to purchase. Thank you for the amazing swatches.

  2. Great colors!

    What is the texture like of the FL- I have had some problems with the newer FL formulas staying on- unlike the older ones.

  3. great swatches!!! now i need to add mystery to my list!! umm outrageously fun lipstick is NOT even close to Up the Amp!! too pink, if anything it's dmn near like Candy Yum Yum or a brighter version of girl about town!!

    1. Thank you, those were the shade substitution suggestions per the mac employee book. I agree up the amp is more purple, but I think out of the entire work line, it is the closest because of its purple undertone. Girl about town is darker and more pink, and candy yum yum isn't perm so that ones not even an option. Thank you for your input

    2. Work = perm, sorry, silly phone

  4. Lovely, wow, how were you able to get all those great swatches, I didn't see where these were sent to you for review, are they out at the Mac pro store already?

    1. they were not sent to me, i'm not sure if they are at a mac pro, i don't live near one.

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  6. Thank you for the swatches! But I'm wondering, do you know if Everything That Glitters is similar to Butter London's The Black Knight?

  7. thanks so much for the swatches and comparison suggstion/colors!

  8. Hi lauren , how do the blush from this collection compare to blushes from tres cheek, I read somewhere that easy manner was like pink tea and I'm the one is similar to peony petal!