Monday, September 17, 2012

New MAC Face & Body sizing and pricing and how it's NOT a rip off.

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Hey Everyone.

I know there was this big uproar when MAC released their smaller sized Face and Body (F&B) bottle that was less than half of the original size, but not half off the price tag.  On the surface, it seems MAC is ripping us off.

But here's why they're not.

The original 4oz F&B bottle is $33.
The new one is 1.7oz and is $27.

EVERY other MAC foundation is only 1oz - 1.3oz and ranges from $27 to $33.

This makes the new Face and Body 1.7oz bottle CHEAPER per ounce than every other MAC foundation. If you think the new F&B is a rip off, then you must think that all of MAC's foundations are a rip off. The new F&B is not a rip off, it is priced as normal per every other foundation's pricing. It just means the larger bottle is more of a deal.

The reason they made them smaller is because the average consumer will never use 4oz of foundation before it goes bad. The original Face and Body foundations were geared toward the professional makeup artist who will easily use 4oz of makeup before it goes bad.

If you insist on getting the larger bottle simply because it's the better deal, then be prepared for it to go bad before you can even use up half of it. Ultimately, you'd be wasting money with the larger bottle and getting more product for your money with the smaller one because you will likely use it up (or at least most of it!) before it has gone bad.

Something else to consider that's really important. Let's say MAC did half the price of the bottle and made it $16 for the smaller foundation. How weird would it be to have every other foundation be $27-$33, not to mention every concealer be more expensive than a bottle of F&B foundation? What sense would it make that a 1.7oz foundation cost about the same as an eyeshadow?? Most consumers buy what's cheapest. So many people would start buying F&B and stop buying their Studio Techs or whatever they used to buy, then ultimately MAC wouldn't be selling enough of the other foundations and need to discontinue the less popular colors if not the entire formula. It doesn't make sense for them to NOT price the new bottle the same as their other foundations.

The new bottle is not a rip off. It's simply priced as the other foundations, and the bigger bottle is a better deal. Simple!
Hope this all made sense!

xoxo Lauren


  1. Very interesting fact you have brought forward. The way explain it is very understandable. I on the other hand never had a problem with the bottle down grade. Great post!

  2. I totally agree.. I had the bigger bottle of F&B, and yes, it did go bad before I could use it all up, half full, to be exact. I never repurchased because I was afraid the same thing will happen, such a shame because it's a great foundation. I think the smaller bottle is a practical bet, and yes, this foundation is good for the value regardless of the size.

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