Monday, July 16, 2012

June Starbox review/swatches/pics/FOTD!!

First and foremost, I apologize for getting this blog up a month late! The past two months have been bananas for me.

This month's starbox included an eyeshadow, kohl liner, pen liner, and a brush.

sorry for the blurry pics! 

The shadow: The eyeshadow is called Caricature and is like a beige with green/pink/purple undertones. It's really similar in color and quality to Mac's Vex eyeshadow. For those who love to know exact dupes, the color is exactly like Mac's Almond Icing from the Sweetie Cakes quad released back in 2006. I love this eyeshadow. It's very versatile in what you can pair with it. Try pairing Caricature with warm medium to dark browns, forest greens, plums, or vibrant purples.

The Diamondline (kohl) liner: This was my favorite product of the bunch. This liner was so buttery smooth. I hate liners that have a tough time going on. This one is so smooth and pigmented. Lastly, it's really glittery! I'm a little obsessed with gunmetal colors, which is what this shade is, plus it has glitter, so I was all over it! Try using this as a base all over the lid under a smokey eye as another way to use this liner.

The Precision Eye liner is similar to mac's Penultimate liner, but its tip is a little smaller. I wasn't quite as impressed with this product, although it definitely does the job. I just wish it went on a little more pigmented with just one sweep of the pen.

June Starlooks Starbox: Black Precision Eye Pen, Myth Diamondline Eye Liner, and Caricature Eyeshadow

The 813 brush: This brush is the 813 and is called the Small Precision brush. I would most compare this brush with mac's 219, however, the 813 is much softer while the 219 remains firm. Their size and shape are almost identical though. However, if you prefer the firmer feel of the 219, starlooks also offers a brush called the 835 which is basically the same. The 813 is really soft and is good for applying shadow under the eye, or to the inner or outer lid. Because of it's density, it makes a good blending brush for small areas, like under the eye if you want to fade the shadow out.

This photo is courtesy of Marla from used with permission. To visit her review on starlooks, click here.

To see how to use these products, stay tuned tomorrow. I will be posting a FOTD or two using them!

Final information:
The starbox is $15 monthly and you are guaranteed to receive 3-4 full sized products. You are not committed to buying it each month so if you want to skip it one month, no problem. I've really been happy with mine and can't wait to get July's!


Click here to view the FOTD using some of the products in this month's starbox.

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