Friday, June 1, 2012

My May Starbox + other Starlooks swatches

Starlooks Modest, Pink Diva, and Cupids Charm lipgloss, all part of May's Starbox

May's Starbox had a lipgloss theme. It came with three lipglosses, a nude, a light coral, and a more vibrant coral. Both Corals have little gold flecks in them. The box also came with a chapstick. At first I didn't like that the glosses didn't have a scent to them, but now the lack of scent is growing on me! <3

(if you don't know about starlooks or the starbox, read my post about them last month!

Last starbox I got a nude lip set, which came with a nude lip pencil, nude lipstick, and nude gloss. I fell in love with the lip pencil because it reminded me so much of mac's. I had heard that one of Starlook's most popular shades of lipstick was called Tipsy (which is an orangy coral). I'm a sucker for corals, so I went to go get it. I then noticed they also offered the same Tipsy color in their lipgloss and lip pencil formulas! I got all three! The tipsy lipstick is strikingly similar to mac's costa chic (all swatched below).

Starlooks Tipsy Liner, Tipsy Lipstick, and Tipsy gloss swatched next to MAC's Costa Chic for comparison.

Sorry for the lame swatches this time by the way. I couldn't for the life of me get my camera to focus!! The colors are true to life though, the images are just a bit blurry.

If you're interested in checking out the starbox, peep it here:

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  1. I love these I love keep it loose. Which would you recommend for a soft baby link for nc2o blonde Caucasian? As keep it loose looks pinky & I worry lazy Sunday will be too light?