Friday, April 27, 2012

Starlooks: A new type of cosmetic company

I recently discovered a brand new type of company out there, that strives to be different from all the rest. This is not a tiered marketing company like Mary Kay or Avon, this is not a company that has a bunch of counters and stores like mac, this is a company who not only sells a wide range of products online, but they also offer a subscription box.

If you immediately just thought of Birch Box, then get that idea out of your head. Starlooks would be like Birch Box and MAC having a baby. The subscription box (to which I am most definitely subscribed to because it's awesome) is only $15/month and comes with 3-4 full size makeup products (buying these products individually from their site would cost about $40, so you're making out like a bandit!). No samples. What is with companies sending samples anyway? I personally hate samples and throw them out; I find them useless. A subscription that's cheap and sends me full size products however, that I could get used to.

I compared it with MAC because the quality of Starlooks is very similar to MAC's. In fact, Starlooks utilized one of the same chemists who helped formulate MAC's products. In addition to the quality being similar (and in some cases better), they offer a HUGE color and product selection. For a brand new baby company, this is mind blowing. Normally you see newer companies only offering a very limited number of colors (they offer over 100's that for range?)

Enough rambling, let me get to the pics and review.

This is what greets you monthly.


Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lip Pencil

Bare Lip Pencil, Orthodoc Lipstick, and Preciosa Lipgloss on me.
Just Orthodoc and Preciosa, no lip liner

Lip Pencil Ingredients

Lipgloss Ingredients

Lipstick Ingredients

The Review...

Everyone here knows that I'm a MAC lover and rarely stray away from it. With that in mind, when I do try new products, I'm very picky about them.

The lipstick.
The quality was great. I just love how smooth it applied. I haven't yet gotten to test it for longevity, but overall the pigmentation and texture were wonderful. The color however, was not the best shade for me, but I also wasn't wearing any other makeup in the above photos, so it's hard to tell. For my skintone, it just wasn't the best shade, but it would look wonderful on other skintones.

The lipgloss
Same story, the quality was great. Lipgloss was not tacky or uncomfortable to wear. Not gritty despite how sparkly it looks. Loved the color on me, and later just wore it by itself over no lipstick.

The lip pencil
I'm cuckoo for the lip pencil. The quality was so amazing, however, this color was not right for me. It was called "Bare", and to me bare depicts a nudeish color, but this particular "bare" was a deeper mauve color, which is fine, it just didn't look good on me at all. The formula however, was amazing, and I seriously can't wait to get my hands on more of them.

A couple quick things that I wasn't too fond of about the lipstick and gloss: 1.) There is no scent. I know many of you prefer non-fragranced things, but I'm so used to my mac vanilly scent that when it's not there, it seems weird. On the other hand, no scent is better than a bad scent! There have been products I've loved, but simply could not use because the scent was so overwhelming and gross...haha. 2.) The packaging (the plastic part, not the boxes, loved those) feels/looks a little cheap or generic. I think that's to be expected from a young company that maybe doesn't have the budget for different options. However, these two points don't negate the fact that quality was definitely there.

I'll probably do a video review when next month's box arrives


  1. I have the Kinky lipstick, and love the color, and how creamy it feels to apply. Also love the lipstick container - color shows on the bottom and cover 'clicks' into place, so it can't fall off in my purse.

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