Friday, April 27, 2012

CLARINS Summer 2012 Enchanted Collection, Review & Swatches

This is made of plastic. I thought it was going to be metal...let down!

So pretty!

Clarins Enchanted Eye Palette 

CLARINS Eye Kohl Kajal Liner in 02 Violet

CLARINS Eye Kohl Kajal Liner in 02 Violet

CLARINS Eye Kohl Kajal Liner in 02 Violet

FOTD Eye Look using Clarins Enchanted Summer Eye Palette

FOTD Eye Look using Clarins Enchanted Summer Eye Palette

CLARINS Eye kohl kajal in 02 violet

The Review

The Eye Palette
I had expected more out of this palette honestly. First of all, I had a bad impression the moment I unveiled it because it was made out of cheap feeling plastic rather than the metal look it gives off. Secondly, the color payoff was not great. The 4 colors together in the palette look so nice together, but they swatch less than par. They were very sheer, and the color was hardly buildable. The lightest color in there had a bad chunky texture to it because it's so glittery. I am also not a fan of putting all frosty colors in a palette. I feel like one (preferably one of the darker colors) should be a matte, because to me, frosts look stupid in the crease. Oh and by the way, the long strip of darker brown in there that's meant to be a liner is a cream, not a powder. For $40, I just expected more. I'd give this palette a D+ or C-

The Kohl
Oh dear me, I'm not sure I have anything positive to say about this liner, other than its color. The color is pretty, it paired well with my brown eyes, but still, it wasn't the color I was expecting. I really had expected it to look like the color of its packaging. I'm a sucker for vibrant violets, which is why I bought it. It turned out to be more of an eggplant.
Two major let downs with this eye-kohl. One was that you can't sharpen it, and you can't twist it up. Go back to my photo of it. That's literally all the product there is. It doesn't go down into the packaging at all, and further more, there's no way to retain it's unique shape. I even asked Clarins how to sharpen it, and they told me to take a tissue and form it...really? What a huge waste of product.
The 2nd let down was that this was so horribly smudgy. I understand that kohls are more smudgable, but this one was ridiculous. Even after it had been on for 30 minutes and should have been "set", I barely rubbed my eye for a quick second, and the liner on that eye COMPLETELY CAME OFF.
This kohl deserves an F- !!


  1. LC - would you say the kajal is on par (texture wise) with the Givenchy Magic Kajal?

    1. I've never tried that, I'm sorry. It's not really on part with anything I've ever tried honestly. I take that back. It has the texture of lipstick. A glossy lipstick.