Monday, February 27, 2012

Win MAC Femme Fi & Force of Love lipstick by being a Heart Hero! last day!!

My daughter is participating in a jump roping event at school where all of the money collected goes to the American Heart Association.

I'm going to be giving away some free mac makeup. I'll be doing a random drawing to decide the winner. By law, I can't require you to donate in order to enter this giveaway, but it would be very appreciated if you would at least donate a tiny amount in order to enter (even $1!).

The gift is a RARE MAC Femme Fi Eyeshadow and a Force of Love Lipstick (from mac's chen man). Both BNIB.

Please enter your donation here, then leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
Donate to the American Heart Association

This is the last day to enter, so act quickly. Thanks!


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  2. Left Sisi $5 :) I hope she has fun jumping rope!

  3. I just donated, I hope she reaches her goal!

    1. Thank you Maria! Very generous. Thank you

  4. Hi just donated... hope she wins... either way, she did an awesome job! :)

  5. I've tried to donate money but it won't allow me. I don't have a correct zip postal/zip code (not from U.S). Plus I was going to donate $1 but it won't let me donate less than $5. I hope there's another way I can donate and that I can still be put into the contest. :) Thanks