Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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IMATS and Califonia trip details DAY 1

Hi everyone! I had the BEST time in California this past weekend. I left my 2 babies with my mom, and I took my 5 year old daughter and my darling husband with me.

Day 1:
We arrived to Pasadena CA around 9am where my husband dropped me off at the IMATS convention.

There was about a mile long line to get in, but luckily, I had a nifty little pro card that got me to the very front of the line. No waiting for me!
The first class I wanted to take wasn't until 10, so I had some time to kill. I went in to the exhibit area and went right to the Kett booth. They sell really great airbrushing products. I left their booth with a 10-pack of smaller sized bottles of foundation, and 1 highlight color.

In the first class, I learned about the local 706 (union for makeup artsts). The presenter was very nice, much nicer than I had expected, and I learned quite a bit. On a side note, getting into the union is near impossible! You literally have to work for years to get in. 

The next class I took was from Donna Mee. She's an incredible makeup artist who taught about doing makeup for close-up beauty shots; how to really pay attention to detail.

From there, it was about 12:30 and I was ready to leave IMATS for the day. I had my hubby pick me up, and off to venice beach we went :)

venice beach
my husband and daughter at the beach

When we got back to our hotel from the beach, we saw a bunch of IMATS attendees standing around the lobby waiting for the after party to start. So we went up to our room, I got dressed and went down to the party solo. There were 2 parties: one was hosted by IMATS, which was very clique-y, so I didnt stay. The 2nd party was hosted by beautylish. I had met some of the editors for beautylish last year at IMATS when I was standing in line. That was when beautylish was very first getting started, and now it has blossomed into something huge! It was nice to catch up with some of the people I met last year and have a cocktail. Kandee Johnson, Queen of Blending, and a couple other bloggers were there as well.

Afterwards, my family and I headed out to Paseo Colorado, a nice shopping area near where the pasadena convention center is. Had dinner, headed back to the hotel, and had a nice night's sleep!

IMATS and Califonia trip details DAY 2

Day 2:
Woke up and walked to breakfast
walking to breakfast

After breakfast, we quickly headed to venice beach again for a couple of hours. Came back to Pasadena around 130, and hubby dropped me off at IMATS again. With no time to spare, I headed into Danny Sanz class. She's the founder of Make Up For Ever. The class was half way over, but I came in to a really crazy creation of makeup that she had made. It looked really nice..but then she kept adding...and adding...and adding. It was really sloppy by the end of her show. I'm sorry, but it was a hot mess.

Met up with my friend Katie afterwards and we did a little shopping together, then decided to go into Kandee Johnson's class. It was more of a speech about how she got started in the industry, with the last half of the show being dedicated to question and answer time. After her class, did more shopping and bought some glitter tattoo stuff, a new makeup case for my kit, a few brushes, and a couple beauty blenders.

here's what I got:
kett airbrush foundation
a bunch of lashes
my new amazing makeup case! 
my favorite purchase was my new case, and I'll blog about that later!

the only pic taken of me at imats :)

After day 2 of IMATS, we headed up to Valencia where our 2nd hotel awaited us. Went to dinner, went back to the hotel, swam, and relaxed.

IMATS and Califonia trip details DAY 3

Day 3:
Our second hotel was probably the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at for its price. Hotwire truly hooked me up. We had a nice suite with a kitchen, separate bedroom, living room, and very nice bathroom. There was a buffet style breakfast, also with cook-to-order foods, that was all complimentary! We enjoyed a great breakfast, then headed out to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

We had a nice time at six flags, then around 6pm, we headed to Beverly Hills because I was going to be attending a MAC pro masterclass. I love taking masterclasses, they assure that I won't stay in a makeup rut because I'm always learning new things :)

The masterclass was AMAZING. Victor C, who is a senior artist for MAC North America, taught the class. He taught all about how to create flawless skin. This was by far my favorite masterclass, I really enjoyed Victor's personality and style of teaching.

Some goodies that I got from the masterclass were:
3 moisturecover concealers in nc15, nw15 and nw25
skin brightening serum
vibrancy eye primer
130 brush
and an empty shadow palette

The class ended at 9:30pm and from there, we drove back to phoenix. We didn't get back til 3am, but luckily for me, my husband is a saint and drove the entire way :)

When I arrived, I had a package from mac waiting for me that had my Blogger's Obsession order in it.

Here's a pic of all the stuff I got from the order and from the masterclass:
(L to R)
Brush cleanser
Studio Fix Lash
Light Plus MSFN
Half lash curler
Naked Pigment
Thunder and Rain Mineralize eyeshadow
Hocus Pocus e/s
Jealousy Wakes e/s
Parisian Skies e/s
Sparkle, Neely Sparkle e/s
Emply 15 pan e/s palette
Sonoran Rain l/g
Nitrolicious l/g
All of my Purple Life l/g
130 brush
Moisturecover concealers in nc15, nw15 and nw25
Skin Brightening Serum
Vibrancy Eye Primer

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm back from LA!!

I got back to my home at 3am this morning (yuck!) after being in the LA area for the last 3 days. Such an exciting time, I can't wait to blog about it a little later today, stay tuned!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That's a wrap!

I've been keeping this on the down-low, but for the last couple of weeks I've on-and-off (because of having the baby) been doing makeup for a feature film called "The Coalition" starring Eddie Goines, Denyce Lawton, Adrienne Bailon, Ingrid Clay, and a few others. Yesterday morning they wrapped up. I'm really shocked because they shot the entire thing in 19 or 20 days. Totally insane. Everyone worked VERY long hours, usually 12-14 hours a day with very little breaks. It was a really great experience and everyone I worked with was absolutely amazing and so nice. Looking forward to doing more work with that production company in the future.

A few behind the scenes pics from the movie:
The ladies with Terrell Suggs (Ravens Linebacker and executive producer for this film)

Some of the cast and crew from the 2nd night of shooting. There's a very pregnant me on the very right :)

my makeup on the very pretty Adrienne Bailon
the cast read
the trailer (that we really didn't use!)
big ol belly :) this was 2 days before I had the baby
me and jamie, my hair partner
my messy set up...part of it, anyway!
Can't wait til this movie comes out! I'll keep you posted when I know more about its release date :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Changes being made to the June 24th LA Seminar

Hey everyone,

to those who were interested in coming to the seminar, please listen up.

I'm not longer doing a larger seminar style lesson. There was so much going on with being pregnant and having the baby and jobs that the planning for that was getting ridiculous. Instead I'm doing a smaller group style class without all the bells and whistles such as goody bags, books, etc.

It will still be at the same date, time and location, but it will be a little cheaper. $150

Since it will be smaller, we'll have more opportunity to do more one-on-one question and answers and that type of thing.

Registration begins today and closes on June 18th. I apologize for the last minute change. If you are interested in taking the class, send an email to , then I will send you an invoice via paypal and you will be able to pay with a credit card, debit card, or with paypal.

To those who have already paid, you'll receive an email asking if you'd like a full refund and you will be withdrawn from the class, or you can just receive a refund for the difference in price and stay signed up in the class.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Zoey is here :)

A couple days ago, Zoey was born. She was 7.5lbs and 21 inches long. Her hair is almost white it's so blonde. It's not fair! None of my kids look like me. I was incredibly sick before and after the delivery, but at least labor didn't last long. Here are a few pictures.

I've decided pale is not a good look on me.

In between pushes


Cora's not so sure...

Proud mommy and daddy about to take their newest daughter home

The fam