Sunday, March 27, 2011

I need a few opinions about my maternity leave!

Hey everyone,

If it seems like I've been slacking on the posting in the last 2's because I've been super busy and also for the last week my mom has been in town visiting. March and April are pretty busy months for makeup artists, but once my mom leaves, I'll at least have time to post a few more FOTDs :)

Also, I just wanted to get a few opinions on when I should take my maternity leave...

So unfortunately with my job, I can't just go to work and take my maternity leave whenever I start to feel contractions. Most of my jobs come from doing makeup for weddings, which means brides email me months in advance to book me. I have to be careful to not book jobs too close to my due date, just in case I go into labor. I'd feel AWFUL cancelling on a bride last minute. SO, I need to decide a cut-off date. I need to be firm with not booking any more jobs after a certain date.

A little pregnancy history -- I was induced with both of my last babies on their due dates. However, with my 2nd pregnancy, I went into labor several times starting from 34 weeks. Each time, I went to the hospital and the hospital was able to stop the labor with certain medicine, and eventually I "held out" til my due date.

This time around I'm due June 8th. If all goes as planned, I'll be induced around June 6th, but since no one can predict a pregnancy, I need to be prepared for the fact that I may go into labor early.

Please help me by answering this quick poll below:

My Due Date is June 8th, when should my last "work day" be before I take my maternity leave?
May 15th or earlier
May 20th
May 25th
May 28th
May 31st
June 2nd

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Las Vegas Haul! I think my biggest one to date!

So I just got back from Vegas. I hit up the CCO, and also bought a LOT from the mac pro store when I took a master class. I haven't really had the chance to play with anything yet, except my pink cult blush, which i LOVE.

Yayyyy Goodies!!

Empty Quad (for my studio finish skin correctors), Marine Ultra Chromaline, Empty Blush Palette
Blushes: Rhubarb, Coygirl, Devil, Melba, Well Dressed, Fleur Power

Powder Puff, Fix +, Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Soft & Gentle MSF, Studio Finish Skin Correctors in: Terracotta, Ochre, Light Peach, and Pure Orange

Top Row: White Face & Body, 2 Brush Cleansers, Bulk Wipes
Middle Row: Micronized Airbrush Foundations in nc10, nc20, nc30, nw15, nw30, nw45, Studio Fix powder nc25, Careblends powder in Medium
Bottom Row: Pro Longwear Concealers in nc15, nc30, nc45, nw15, nw25, nw45, Skin Refined Zone Treatment, Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

Pinkie Pencil, O-J Pencil, 2 205 brushes, 222 brush, 231 brush

Top Row L to R: Photo Realism Quad, Tone Grey Quad
Bottom Row: Pollinator, Suave Intentions, Love Lave, and Tissueweight

Lipsticks L to R top row: Chatterbox, Vegas Volt, Purple Rite, All styled Up
Bottom Row: Neon Orange, Peachstock, Steal My Heart Lipglass, Icescape Lipglass

These were all mixed in the previous photos, but this is what I got from the CCO
L to R: Photo Realism Quad, Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Tone Grey Quad
Love Lace, Tissueweight, Steal My Heart Lipglass, Icescape Lipglass, Purple Rite Lipstick, All Styled Up lipstick.
Suave Intentions, Pollinator Eyeshadows

The 2 story MAC pro store in Vegas

A peek from the airbrush master class taught by MAC senior artist Jenn Karsten

Some of the goodies that were on our workstation

Sunday, March 20, 2011

greetings from Las Vegas!

Hey everyone...
I'm in Vegas! I had a job this morning in Phoenix, then left straight from it to come to Vegas. The drive was long (4.5 hours), but I'm so happy to be finally nice and comfy in my hotel room.

I'm in town to take a MAC master class. For those of you who don't know, MAC offers special artistry classes a few times a year in very select locations..hence why I had to come to Vegas for this lol. They offer classes on how to do bridal makeup, flawless foundation, and a few others. The one I'm going to take tomorrow is an airbrushing class, but this isn't just any airbrushing class, this is an all day workshop where they'll cover EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about airbrushing. Their normal airbrushing classes are 2 hours long, but this one is 6, so I'm super excited. I did already offer airbrushing to my clients, but its always a good thing to frequently take some classes. Otherwise you'll end up getting stuck in a rut. I love learning new tricks from.amazing seasoned artists, especially those who work for MAC :)

So my first stop when I git into town was to go to the CCO. bought quite a few things there and will share pics when I get home.
Then I went to my favorite buffet-- the Rio Carnival World buffet. So amazing.

Needless to say, my belly is completely full and I'm exhausted. Time for bed!

Xoxo LC

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my st. patrick's day FOTD

Products used:
  • MAC select cover up concealer nw15 as a base
  • MAC shadows:
    • Bio Green
    • Newly Minted
    • Nylon
    • Velvet Moss
  • MAC zoomlash in black
  • MAC blacktrack fluidline
  • mac studio sculpt mixed with studio fix fluid
  • mac hyper real pressed powder
  • mac hyper real pressed powder extra light for highlight
  • mac blunt blush for contour
  • mac deep peach setting powder as a blush
  • mac pink treat lipglass liner

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day Fotds

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A few green FOTDs to give you some ideas for greeeen makeup for the greeeen festive day!

(terrible lashes, i know..)

Don't drink yourselves silly today! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

neutral fotd

products used:

  • eyes
    • mac shadows:
      • blanc type (highlight, inner lid)
      • samoa silk (middle lid, crease)
      • saddle (outer lid, crease)
      • folie (barely in the crease, undereye)
    • mac plushlash in brownette
    • mac shadow "espresso" for brows
  • skin
    • mac studio sculpt foundation nc25
    • mac hyper real pressed powder "medium"
    • mac hyper real pressed powder "light" for highlight
    • mac blush "taupe" for contour
    • mac blush "tenderling"
  • lips
    • mac lip pencil subculture
    • mac lipstick "hug me"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

purple and bronze fotd

roducts used:

  • eyes
    • mac select cover up concealer nw15 as a base
    • mac "madly magenta" cream colour base on lid
    • mac shadows:
      • phloof! (highlight)
      • beautiful iris (middle of lid)
      • satellite dreams (inner and outer area of lid)
      • fig 1 (inner and outermost area of lid)
      • brown down (crease)
      • wedge (crease)
      • mulch (under eye)
    • mac "dipdown" fluidline on brows
    • mac studio fix lash in black
  • skin
    • mac studio fix fluid and studio sculpt mixed
    • mac mineralize skinfinish natural in light-medium
    • mac "taupe" blush to contour
    • mac "dazzlelight" eyeshadow to highlight
    • mac "style" blush
  • lips
    • mac "honey b." cremestick liner
    • mac "rio babe" lipstick

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sugarpill fotd

I'm sorry for the crappy picture quality..I tried to take these pics on my phone, and just couldn't get them to show up clearly.
products used:
  • Sugarpill "Royal Sugar"
  • Sugarpill "Weekender"
  • MAC MES duo "silver fog"
  • MAC fluidline "waveline"
  • MAC fluidline "dipdown" for brows
  • MAC studio fix fluid nc25
  • Prescriptives mineral powder in level 2 warm-light
  • MAC mighty aphrodity blush
  • MAC pink power MSF(the dark and shimmer parts) for contour and highlight
  • MAC lip pencil "lure"
  • MAC lustreglass "luminary"

Neutral Eye, Plum Lip FOTD

products used

  • eyes
    • mac shadow "dazzlelight" on lid and highlight
    • mac shadow "innuendo" in crease
    • mac fluidline "blacktrack"
    • mac fluidline "dipdown" for brows
    • mac shadow "espresso" for brows
    • mac studio fix lash in black
  • skin
    • mac strobe cream
    • mac studio sculpt mixed with a few drops of careblends oil
    • mac hyper real pressed powder
    • mac "flirt and tease" blush
    • mac "emote" blush for contour
  • lips
    • mac lip pencil "currant"
    • mac lip pencil "magenta"
    • mac lipstick "a rose"
    • mac lipstick "plum FM"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Los Angeles Makeup Seminar

Seminar covers:

  • Starting your business
  • How to make money
  • Different brush usages
  • Sanitization
  • Color theory
  • Bridal Makeup
  • 3-4 different makeup looks
  • Contouring/Highlighting
  • Flawless foundation
All students will receive a goodie bag that will include samples AND full size products.

Food and Drinks will be served. Any Age can attend, but must be 21 to drink alcoholic drinks.

Discount given to students who refer a friend. ($50 discount for both you, and your friend)

Please email me to sign up! There is limited room!