Sunday, December 25, 2011

Give yourself a gift....MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils came out just a few short months ago, and they haven't gotten enough love. These are lip pencils that glide on very pigmented and smoothly and last for HOURS. I tested one out. I put on the red lip pencil called "Kiss Me Quick" and took a picture when it was freshly applied, and one 8 hours later. I wore just the lip pencil, nothing over top of it or under it so that I could truly test its longevity. It faded some, but it did a remarkable job.

Freshly Applied

After 8 hours of wear.

They come in 10 beautiful shades and are a must-have for my professional kit.
In Anticipation
Staunchly Stylish
More to Love
Kiss Me Quick
What A Blast
Absolutely It
Morning Coffee
Nice ‘n’ Spicy

All the shades are must-haves for my kit except for "morning coffee" because it's too much like "nice 'n' spicy" -- the difference is hardly noticeable.


the pencils actually look a tiny bit different from the picture above because their colored ends are elongated. like this:

It makes it easy to differentiate from the pro longwear pencils from mac's regular lip pencils. Enjoy!


  1. i think i might try one of these since i received a mac gift card for christmas :)

  2. I bought Absolutely it a few weeks back and I love it lots. I am planning on buying more colors.

  3. wow...i think i'll take back the red i just bought and exchange for a longwear! gorgeous