Monday, September 26, 2011

1970s makeup and tutorial

SO....not totally happy with how this look came out..but for continuity purposes, I need to post this in order to move on to the 80s :)))

In my tutorial I did both a daytime 70s look and an evening/disco 70s look. The photo below represents the evening look.

Products used:

mac shadows: phloof!, mancatcher, deep damson
mac raven eye kohl
mac studio fix lash

mac face and body foundation c2
mac hyper real pressed powder in extra light on highlights of the face
mac careblend gold-go-lightly bronzer
mac in a pinch gel blush
mac taupe blush to contour

mac purple rite lipstick
mac clear gloss

youtube tutorial:


  1. Wow its totally 70s :P so talented

    Check out my new post <3

  2. I love this look! There is a bit of Cher in her early days here!!

  3. I loooove this look!

    Lauren, you are incredibly talented, and I always learn a trick or two with each of your tutorials.

    And I must say, there is one thing in your videos that I find just as pretty as the looks you come up with, and that's your nail polish. The ones you're wearing in this video are just fabulous.

    Cheers from Brasil!

    Maria Clara

  4. hey, just wondering, do you ever use a skin primer, and if so, which one?? because your skin always looks so flawless, so just wondering if you just have really wonderful natural skin or if it's a primer that helps! love your blog!! check mine out if you get a chance, I'm a mommy with a makeup problem...