Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette EOTD Ideas!

UD Chase on lid, concealer on brow bone used as highlight color

UD Tainted, UD Ace, UD Vanilla as highlight

UD Flow, UD Chase, UD Deeper

UD Chase, UD Ace, UD MIA

UD Vanilla, UD Junkshow, UD MIA

UD Omen, UD Deep End, UD Evidence, UD Blackout, UD Midnight 15

UD Chase, UD Midnight 15, UD MIA

UD Half Truth, UD Blackout, UD Midnight 15

UD Evidence, UD Omen, UD Tainted, UD Deep End (under eye)

UD Tainted, UD Half Truth, UD MIA


  1. Omg, LOVE them all! And your swatches look great. =)

  2. what great looks! tainted and half truth are my favorite shadows in the swatch, just gorgeous. can make soooo many fab looks with this palette, as you've clearly done. nice

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  3. these looks are all so gorgeous !

  4. great looks, i love the 6th one!
    Grace xx

  5. i have seen this palette swatched multiple times and you are the first person who REALLY made great e/s looks. You are making me want to buy it now! haha.

    thanks LC!

  6. Thanks for this! I've been having my eye on the palette and now I really want it :)

  7. great look! I love them all; great color combos

  8. I love your EOTDs! :) Will try them out with my UD 15th. <3

  9. thanks for the suggestions! I particularly can't wait to try the UD Half Truth, UD Blackout, UD Midnight 15 one!