Sunday, August 14, 2011

UD 15 Anniversary Palette Swatches, & Comparisons

UD Midnight Rode, Mac Satin Taupe, and Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow

Mac Behold, UD Midnight 15, Mac Mineralize, Mac Innuendo

UD Vanilla, Mac Vanilla Pigment, Mac Ricepaper, Mac Retrospeck, Mac Nylon, Mac Cloudbound eyeshadow

UD Flow, Mac Hey (from fafi collection), Mac Hush eyeshadow
UD Chase , Mac Woodwinked eyeshadow

UD Tainted , Mac Mancatcher

Mac Stars n Rockets , UD Junkshow , Mac Romping eyeshadow

UD Omen , Mac Parfait Amour , Mac Violet Pigment

Mac Contrast , UD Evidence , Mac Blue Storm , WnW Crease color from the blue 8-pan palette

UD Deep End , Mac Parrot , Mac Steamy , Mac Big T

UD Deeper , Mac Woodwinked , Mac Tempting

Mac Hard to Please, UD M.I.A. , Mac Satin Taupe , Mac Prepped for Glamour

Mac Knight Divine , UD Ace , Mac Silvering

UD Blackout , Mac Carbon , Mac Nehru , Mac Typographic

UD Half Truth , Mac Thunder , Mac Contrast

and tainted being used as a blush. excuse my bareface. unfortunately this photo doesn't do justice the pretty lavender/pink color with gold flecks in it


  1. those colours look really pretty! you have amazing skin, i couldnt tell that you were bareface.
    Grace xx

  2. excellent swatches, thank you!! despite the drawbacks you mentioned I'm still lemming this palette so hard!!! i love the idea of using tainted as a blush, so gorgeous!

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  4. Hello,

    Would you be able to recommend a dupe for Mac Thunder? Is Contrast the closest?

    Many thanks.

  5. Thanks so much for this post. I found it through google