Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My new case // what's inside my kit

Last year at IMATS I had my eye on the perfect case for my kit but I never took the plunge to buy it. This year, I decided there was no way I was passing it up again!

This thing rivals the Zuca. The zuca is much smaller, and you have to stack pouches..not fun. The only benefit to the zuca is that it is carry-on compatible. However, my new case could fit in a carry on compartment I believe. I can get heavy if you pack it too full, so I'd suggest keeping it light for travel.

This doesn't hold all of my makeup, but it does a great job holding the makeup that I typically bring to jobs. All of my other makeup I keep in my closet in a few organizational drawers.

link to the product +


  1. I love the new case and your kit.

  2. This kit is amazing!! I'm glad you are enjoying your new case :)

  3. Oo, I feel jealously coming over me :)

  4. It really does fit a tone of products!!

  5. I'm too scared to look at how much this costs :)). Looks great, anyway, I love the idea with those drawers.

  6. This case looks perfect for my kit!! I hope they sell it at TMS NYC. I will definitely be purchasing it. Thanks for posting!