Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apothica Gift Card Giveaway!

Of course everyone knows Apothica as kind of being the Mecca for all things beauty, skincare, and hair care related. If you've ever had a gift card to Apothica, you'll know just how hard it is to decide what you're going to spend it on.

I always wander over to the Stila section and usually ogle the Smudge Pots. Smudge Pots are fabulous little babies that you can do almost anything with. As a professional makeup artist, I find so many uses for them. My favorite is to use it as a shadow base. You can also use them by themselves as a cream shadow, or you can even take a little brush and apply them as an eyeliner. I've even taken a mascara fan brush with the smudge pot and applied it as colored mascara. Or, you can take the lighter colors like Kitten and use it as a cheek or brow bone high light

Check out all the colors! (I LOVE that blue!)

So, I'm hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Apothica (although you can also use it at or You can find my favorite little Stila goodie there, or choose something else :)

The rules are simple, **You MUST be following my blog to even be considered as the winner!!**

 here are your options:

Option 1: Facebook
1. Visit
2. Write on Apothica’s Facebook wall about what you think of Apothica
Bonus: Opt in to Apothica’s Newsletter
Option 2: Twitter
1. Visit
2. Tweet about Apothica on your own Twitter Account
Bonus: Retweet my tweet about this giveaway
Option 3: Blog
1. Visit
2. Write something on your blog about what you think of Apothica
Bonus: Write about Stila and link it to Apothica

After you finish 1 or all 3 of these options, leave a comment on THIS post telling me which you chose. If you chose the facebook route, link me to where your comment is. If you did the twitter option, link me to your tweet about it. Or, link me to your blog if that's the option you chose.

Contest will be open for 2 weeks and will end on July 21st.

Winner's information will be verified by Apothica.
**open internationally, but beware, Apothica doesn't ship to every country! so check if they ship to your country first on their site!**


  1. I did Option 1 and Option 2!
    Amy Lynn
    I ♥ Apothica! Wide array of products to suit all my needs! A must for every beauty!
    apothica apothica
    by redwolfbeach
    Why steal cosmetics (see story here: when you can get it for free?! #Win $25 to @Apothica -->!/redwolfbeach

  2. I shose option 2.

    Twitter: @slgkag

    GFC: sandragrose

    e-mail: sandragrose(at)hotmail(dot)com.


  3. Hi! I just found out your blog and I love it!! I hope you can do more tutorials step by step or by youtube! I love your colorful make up since I can never make it work for me!!! Big kiss from Mexico!! ;) big fan

  4. I follow your blog with GFC (Kim)
    Option 1: Facebook (Kim D.)
    I posted on their FB wall
    I signed up for their newsletter.
    Option 2: Twitter @mom22girlz
    I tweeted!/mom22girlz/status/89209562518913024
    I retweeted!/mom22girlz/status/89210207166672897
    mom22girlz at ymail dot com

  5. GFC: miha.ela
    mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com

  6. Option 1: Facebook (Jessica Brown)

    Jessica Morgan Brown
    I ♥ all things Apothica!
    3 minutes ago · Like ·

  7. Hi!
    I choose option 2
    GFC Elena
    I tweeted &

  8. I did option 1:
    I love that you carry Becca & Paul & Joe :D!/Apothica/posts/10150242042818063

    :) :) :)

  9. Entered , my Twitter :!/Tuts_311

  10. I chose to use the Twitter option to enter this fabulous contest.

    I visited Apothica.

    I tweeted about Apothica:!/hybroanglid/status/92570852826161152

    And I retweeted YOUR tweet about this giveaway:!/MakeupArtistLC/status/88662950881132544

    Thanks so much!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  11. I did the first 2 options. I don't know if you are giving points for both, but that is what I did...
    I went to

    I retweeted your giveaway tweet as well as tweeted about the giveaway. (My twitter is LauraJean396)

    I wrote on their Facebook page what I loved about their site.

    My email is makeupbylaurag at gmail dot com!

    Great giveaway!

  12. i tweeted:!/socialitedreams/status/94550646866452480