Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IMATS and Califonia trip details DAY 2

Day 2:
Woke up and walked to breakfast
walking to breakfast

After breakfast, we quickly headed to venice beach again for a couple of hours. Came back to Pasadena around 130, and hubby dropped me off at IMATS again. With no time to spare, I headed into Danny Sanz class. She's the founder of Make Up For Ever. The class was half way over, but I came in to a really crazy creation of makeup that she had made. It looked really nice..but then she kept adding...and adding...and adding. It was really sloppy by the end of her show. I'm sorry, but it was a hot mess.

Met up with my friend Katie afterwards and we did a little shopping together, then decided to go into Kandee Johnson's class. It was more of a speech about how she got started in the industry, with the last half of the show being dedicated to question and answer time. After her class, did more shopping and bought some glitter tattoo stuff, a new makeup case for my kit, a few brushes, and a couple beauty blenders.

here's what I got:
kett airbrush foundation
a bunch of lashes
my new amazing makeup case! 
my favorite purchase was my new case, and I'll blog about that later!

the only pic taken of me at imats :)

After day 2 of IMATS, we headed up to Valencia where our 2nd hotel awaited us. Went to dinner, went back to the hotel, swam, and relaxed.


  1. Awesome new traincase, it sounds like you had a great family adventure as well.

  2. I def want to know what the new traincase is!