Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another mac fashion flower FOTD



the lipstick doesn't look as "concealer lip"ish in real's the BEST nude for me! i'm gonna have to buy a back up!!

products used:
- eyes
mac studio finish concealer nw15 as a base
mac shadows: lucky green, bows and curtseys, free to be, and a light wash of fresh daisy on the highlight
mac studio fix bold black lash
mac shadow "espresso" for brows
mac penultimate liner
- skin
mac face and body foundation c2 + white (c2 is surprisingly to dark for me..nc25)
mac mineralize skinfinish natural light-medium
mac mineralize skinfinish light for highlight
mac blush "taupe" for contour
mac beauty powder "alpha girl" dusted all over face
mac beauty powder "light sunshine" dusted all over face
mac blush "canteloupe"
- lips
mac lip pencil "cork"
mac lipstick "growing trend"

all in all, this is really turning out to be one of their better collections..i'm so happy that i bought everything!


  1. awesome! as alwasys. i wish i had skills like that. i can never get my crease colors that precise. they're either wayy too all over the place from trying to blend them out too much, or they're too "un-blended" ....gaaah!!! lol. especially with dark colors, yikes!

  2. i think that it's amazing! your eyes pop so vividly...lovely

  3. this is gorgeous! i love the way you reversed the liner colors on the bottom!

  4. i need to purchase some of this line.. I am in love with all your looks! Your eyebrows are always so damn perfect... no strays. Whats your secret? mine seem to look fine off camera and then on camera its like WHOA what happened!