Saturday, April 30, 2011

mac fashion flower review and swatches

*I will be doing a few Fashion Flower FOTDs today and tomorrow to show you different ways to use these products! stay tuned!*

This collection really excited me...everything about it. The lip gelees appealed to me b/c I love using them on my clients, and MAC had discontinued their lip gelees, so I felt this was a good opportunity to stock up on a few. I was also excited about that brown eyeshadow, groundcover. I ended up buying everything from the collection, because there wasn't a single thing that I didn't want.

The Lipsticks -

  • Mlle (light lilac/pink)
  • Summer Shower (clear w/ aqua and blue shimmers)
  • Growing Trend (light brown/taupe)
  • Ever Hip (coral)

 I really loved these, as well as their texture. They were very supple feeling. My favorites were Ever Hip, and Mlle. Summer Shower goes on clear, just with some aqua and blue shimmers. Perfect for layering overtop another lipstick to give it some pizzaz. If anyone remembers the "Fun n Sexy" lipstick from the FAFI collection in 2007, Fun n Sexy was a hot pink lipstick with aqua/blue shimmers in it and it was SO pretty. So you can achieve that same look with any of your lipsticks by layering this one over top. Growing Trend is a light-brown/taupe, and is a perfect nude looking color for me (nc25)

The Lip Gelees -

  • Now In Season (sheer with light gold shimmers)
  • Budding Beauty (sheer coral with gold shimmers)
  • Fashion Flower (sheer pink with pearl shimmers)

Lip Gelees are perfect for anyone who hates the "stickiness" of a typical MAC lipglass. I was reading on Temptalia that she said the "Now In Season" Lip Gelee was much stickier than the other 2...I really disagree with that. All three of the colors felt exactly the same to me, and they all felt the same as previous lip gelees that I have. All the colors are sheer with a LOT of sparkle. If shimmer isn't your thing, then stay away. I like using these on my brides, though. Just a little bit over top of Pro Longwear lip colors.

The Eyeshadows -

  • Lucky Green (permanent shade) (shimmery green with yellow undertones)
  • Free To Be (permanent shade) (matte coral/red)
  • Aqua  (permanent shade) (matte sky blue/aqua)
  • Groundcover (matte greyish brown)
  • Bows and Curtseys (satin black w/ metallic green undertone)
  • Fresh Daisy (frosty white with yellow undertone)
I loved all of these shades, but I was most excited about the brown one because I can't think of a similar color. The only thing I didn't like, and it's the same thing that I don't like about some of mac's other collections, is that they promoted permanent colors as well. I think it's really cheap to do that, but they must have a method to their madness. Lucky Green, Free to Be, and Aqua are all permanent colors. Either way, all are nice shades with nice textures. Reading other reviews, I've read that some feel the mattes are "chalky". Well...that's the nature of a matte. 

The Beauty Powders - 
  • Alpha Girl (coral)
  • Light Sunshine (light pink with iridescent shimmer)
ANNOUNCEMENT -- BEAUTY POWDERS ARE NOT BLUSHES !!  So many people have been complaining that they're not "pigmented" enough. Yes, exactly! They're not overly pigmented because they're meant to be used all over the face to provide a nice warmth or glow. If they were more pigmented, then your face would look like a pink ridiculous mess. The colors, however, are buildable, so if you decide that you DO want to use Alpha Girl as a blush, then you can. I really love using Light Sunshine as a highlight as well. But the best way to use these is by  lightly dusting using a 187 or similar brush all over your face after your foundation and setting powder.

I swatched the beauty powders heavier than they actually go on.


  1. i loved this line also ! the flower design is so cute and the colors r perfect for spring!

  2. Im glad you have said that about the lipgelees. I didn't want stickiness :)

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