Sunday, March 27, 2011

I need a few opinions about my maternity leave!

Hey everyone,

If it seems like I've been slacking on the posting in the last 2's because I've been super busy and also for the last week my mom has been in town visiting. March and April are pretty busy months for makeup artists, but once my mom leaves, I'll at least have time to post a few more FOTDs :)

Also, I just wanted to get a few opinions on when I should take my maternity leave...

So unfortunately with my job, I can't just go to work and take my maternity leave whenever I start to feel contractions. Most of my jobs come from doing makeup for weddings, which means brides email me months in advance to book me. I have to be careful to not book jobs too close to my due date, just in case I go into labor. I'd feel AWFUL cancelling on a bride last minute. SO, I need to decide a cut-off date. I need to be firm with not booking any more jobs after a certain date.

A little pregnancy history -- I was induced with both of my last babies on their due dates. However, with my 2nd pregnancy, I went into labor several times starting from 34 weeks. Each time, I went to the hospital and the hospital was able to stop the labor with certain medicine, and eventually I "held out" til my due date.

This time around I'm due June 8th. If all goes as planned, I'll be induced around June 6th, but since no one can predict a pregnancy, I need to be prepared for the fact that I may go into labor early.

Please help me by answering this quick poll below:

My Due Date is June 8th, when should my last "work day" be before I take my maternity leave?
May 15th or earlier
May 20th
May 25th
May 28th
May 31st
June 2nd


  1. Hey Lauren, you should talk to your gynecologist and take his/her opinion on it. I admire your commitment toward your work, with not wanting to take on any booking nearing the end of your pregnancy.