Sunday, March 20, 2011

greetings from Las Vegas!

Hey everyone...
I'm in Vegas! I had a job this morning in Phoenix, then left straight from it to come to Vegas. The drive was long (4.5 hours), but I'm so happy to be finally nice and comfy in my hotel room.

I'm in town to take a MAC master class. For those of you who don't know, MAC offers special artistry classes a few times a year in very select locations..hence why I had to come to Vegas for this lol. They offer classes on how to do bridal makeup, flawless foundation, and a few others. The one I'm going to take tomorrow is an airbrushing class, but this isn't just any airbrushing class, this is an all day workshop where they'll cover EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about airbrushing. Their normal airbrushing classes are 2 hours long, but this one is 6, so I'm super excited. I did already offer airbrushing to my clients, but its always a good thing to frequently take some classes. Otherwise you'll end up getting stuck in a rut. I love learning new tricks from.amazing seasoned artists, especially those who work for MAC :)

So my first stop when I git into town was to go to the CCO. bought quite a few things there and will share pics when I get home.
Then I went to my favorite buffet-- the Rio Carnival World buffet. So amazing.

Needless to say, my belly is completely full and I'm exhausted. Time for bed!

Xoxo LC

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  1. sounds very busy if you ask me! hope you have a great time at the mac master class :-)