Friday, February 18, 2011

SugarPill Loose Shadows

I recently bought 6 sugar pill loose shadows after seeing a swatch for the blue one online. I saw the swatch and immediately went to the sugarpill site, and ended up buying 6. I've only swatched, I haven't used them on my eyes yet. The colors are REALLY vibrant, but I can tell that without an eyeshadow base, they won't last too long. No worries, because I always use a base (that's what it's for!)

I got Royal Sugar (blue), Tipsy (green), Weekender (deep lavender), Lumi (white/teal irridescent), Stella (black with purple flecks), and Goldilux (very gold)

Of course, Royal Sugar is my fav.

Swatched on my arm. My arm is about an NC20 for reference.


  1. Stella is everything I hoped MAC's "Later." Pigment would be

  2. AHHH i'm so glad you got these!!! i am obsessed with the gold. it looks like foil.


  3. wow! I love Stella, Goldilux and weekender!

  4. I love Sugarpill shadows... I'm wearing Goldilux today!