Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks!

Please ignore my ghostly complexion!!

I have another ultrasound tomorrow because the Dr. thinks I might be further along than he had thought...but I don't think so....

Yes my uterus is higher than normal for 22 weeks, but I still doubt I'm further along than 22 weeks.

Anyway, all is well for me! No sickness, just get a little flushed if I stand up for too long, so I have to start doing my clients' makeup sitting down, which isn't a big deal, and they totally understand.

Baby Zoey is now 12 inches tall and about 1 pound!

18 more weeks to go!!!


  1. Awesome. My daughter will turn 3 this summer and that means my husband and I will be revisiting the possibility of trying for number two!