Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gah! My best friend is having her baby!

She asked me not to post on her facebook, so I'm posting here! My best friend is having an emergency C-section tonight -- she's only 35 weeks! The baby isn't thriving, they think her placenta shut down, the baby is super tiny, but she will thrive much better in the NICU! She knew she was going to deliver early, but not this early. She went in for an ultrasound today and they told her she was going to have the baby by tonight or next morning. I'm so excited! Texting back and forth with her while she's in the hospital is making me anxious to have my own baby! I had such a pleasant experience last time; things went nice and smooth, and it was so wonderful having my husband there being so supportive. Good luck Christina!


The baby was born healthy! 4.5 lbs and 17.5 inches long..breathing on her own, she's expected to go home on friday! what a little trooper!


  1. Good luck to your friend, keep us posted about her and the baby :) x

  2. How wonderful that she was born healthy! Congrats to your friend and the lovely new-born :-)

  3. babies are such precious little miracles!! congrats to your friend AND YOU on your third!! i myself am a freelance makeup artist in georgia and have 3 kiddos (youngest is 6 months). love your site and your work- you are quite talented and your eyebrows are immaculate!!