Sunday, January 9, 2011

starting the new year off with a POW

We're only a week into 2011 and already there are incredible plans and things currently happening that I could have only dreamed about before.

For one, I'm building an office/studio. I've always had an office, but now that baby #3 is on the way, my office will become a bedroom like it's original intent was. We've got a strangely laid out house in that the dining room looks like its own room but one of the walls is a half wall that opens out to the great room. I'm having the half wall built up to a full wall, and turning that into my new office and adding a studio in there. Then, in our great room, we'll add the dining room. That room is more than big enough to accommodate both rooms. Yesterday I received my backdrops, professional lighting, and hd camcorder I had ordered for my youtube videos. When I said I was going to be focusing on youtube tutorials, I meant it. I also bought a new chic desk since my other one is too small. My hubby helped me put it all together last night and it's really turning out :) Pictures to follow when it's complete. And the new and improved tutorials will begin probably on tuesday.

Secondly, I'm starting up a business and putting a lot of time, money, and tears into getting that up and going. The concept is a secret as of right now, sorry :/

I'm also writing a makeup artist's manual for my one-on-one and group classes that I offer to aspiring makeup artists. I had a small one before, but since I'm getting more classes lined up, I felt the time was right to write a proper book. This should be completed by the beginning of February, and no, as of now, they will not be for sale or available to anyone other than students.

Lastly, I've been booking incredible jobs. I started out the new year by booking a very highly paid music video (keeping the artist a secret) shoot. There's a lot of other really exciting ventures for me, I feel so blessed!

curious what's on my eyes? Cloudbound, Up at  Dawn
 and Violet Trance from the Balloonacy Quad
Also, 2 days ago was my 25th birthday. Everyone and especially my husband made me feel so great, although I never got that Ice cream cake I wanted...hehe :)