Thursday, January 27, 2011

new MAC and OPI Haul!!

Wooo! Ok, first thing's first, here's what I got:

OPI (Left to Right) - 1. Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!, 2. Teal The Cows Come Home, 3. Need Sunglasses?, 4. Mod-Ern Girl, 5.  All Rose Lead to Rome.

Studio Fix Lash in black
Pro Pan Eyeshadow "Brun"
Pro Pan Eyeshadow "Mulch"
Pro Pan Eyeshadow "Era"
Pro Pan Eyeshadow "Seedy Pearl"
Pro Pan Eyeshadow "Phloof!"
Lipstick "Angel"
Cream Colour Base "Madly Magenta"
Brush 191
Brush 318
Eye Kohl "Feline"
Fluidline "Waveline"
Fluidline "Dark Diversion"
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC25
Studio Sculpt Foundation NC15

The Majority of the MAC items were just common products I use in my kit that I needed to replace. The only thing I really got for  "me" were the fluidlines and the lipstick. Happy with all of it!

I know the bright pink cream colour base looks like it would be for fun too, but surprisingly this is a staple in my kit. Years before MAC re-promoted it in its "Stylishly Yours" Collection, this same cream colour base was promoted. I had a couple and throughout the years have been using them up. I use it all the time as a base under ANY purple eyeshadow. It REALLY makes a huge difference in how vibrant the purple appears. Can't seem to get your hands on this cream colour base? Try using a magenta colored lipstick (yes, lipstick!) and use a brush and apply it just like you would any other base :) MAC re-promoted this color in JUST the right time! My last one was just about out!

I'm just recently starting to get into colors on my nails. I've been french tipping my nails for the past 8 years and it's time I added some spunk! Right now my FAVORITE nail polish color is China Glazes "Flip Flop Fantasy"'s soooo bright (and makes me look more than than I really am, hehe).

xo Lauren

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