Monday, January 17, 2011

Contest Ended Early Due To People Playing Un-fair!

Contest winner - Pretty As Peaches, congrats!!

I was forced to end my MAC Giveaway contest early due to people not playing fair. Even though I spelled out the official rules very clearly, people still did not listen.

It was quite *obvious* that some of you were getting your friends to just make an account, and subscribe. This was against the rules and I verified every single commenter's account to check if they were 1.) subscribed, 2.) had a blog or were following other blogs as well, and 3.) didn't just make their account in Jan 2011. 

Some accounts were *very* questionable to say the least, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway. 

There were many commenters who had made their accounts in January 2011, following only my blog, didn't have a blog of their own, no picture, zero views, etc. It was very obvious and I'm sorry but any of those accounts were immediately discredited.

Pretty as Peaches didn't have a single person make up an account, and had the most commenters (that were real).

Pretty as Peaches, please email me at to give me your name and address, thanks so much.

Better luck next time to those of you who wanted to win. I'll have a Smashbox contest later on. Please play fair!

xo LC


  1. This makes me sad... I don't use this blogging site... but I made one and I've looked at your page so many times to see your make up techniques. Sad! I really wanted Hannah to win. Maybe next time!

  2. Kimberley, your vote actually counted