Thursday, December 30, 2010

a couple new years eve makeup tips: me on fox news

I start talking around 1 min 45sec i think...before that they talk about nail and hair NYE trends.

Clock Strikes Beautiful:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

products used:

  • eyes:
    • no base
    • mac eyeshadow - electric eel, all over lid and whole eye area
    • mac eyeshadow - moon's reflection, layered over top electric eel on highlight area only
    • mac fluidline blacktrack
    • mac plushlash in black
  • skin
    • clarins instant light complexion perfecter
    • mac studio sculpt foundation in nc25
    • mac mineralize skinfinish in light-medium
    • mac glimmershimmer in sweet and shy for highlight
    • mac hyper real pressed powder in extra light under eyes and over highlight
    • mac blush taupe to contoure
    • mac blush tenderling
  • lips
    • mac lip pencil dervish
    • mac lipstick snob and saint germain layered (this was to duplicate viva gaga lipstick)

this is not a look i'd wear out unless i was going to a super fun party

MAC GIVE AWAY!!! Freeeee makeup contest!

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smokey purple

products used:

  • eyes
    • mac select cover up concealer nw20 as a base
    • mac shadows:
      • parfait amour - lid and under eye
      • thunder - outer lid, outer under eye
      • carbon - crease
    • mac fluidline - blacktrack
  • skin
    • mac studio sculpt foundation nc25
    • mac mineralize skinfinish medium
    • mac blush emote to contour
    • mac blush eversun
  • lips
    • mac cremestick liner gingerroot
    • mac lipglass easy lounger

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's almost Christmas...and we found out the sex of the new baby.

Seeing as how I was finished my Christmas shopping in October and had my decorations up the weekend before Thanksgiving, I'm definitely ready. Normally the month before Christmas seems to drag on for me, but this year it's been really fast. That must be the magic of having 2 kids, soon to be 3.

We found out yesterday that we're having another...GIRL! We're going to name her Zoey...She's due in the beginning of June. Yay!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Tutorial!

I've had people asking me to do tutorials for about a year now...I had been wanting to this whole time, but I finally just got a new computer that will actually allow me to do them!

I shot this first tutorial using my old camera. The audio on that camera is really bad, so that's why you won't hear me talking and instead I've just put in captions. The first 2-3 videos will be structured in a similar way until I get my new and improved camera :)

enjoy! And please subscribe!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black/Magenta/Gold dramatic eye look

This was a special request from someone who wanted to see a New Years Eve look using black, gold, and magenta/plum

I hope this is what she was going for ;/

If my skin/foundation doesn't look as good today, read the products to see why...
Products used:

  • eyes:
    • MAC select cover up nw15 as a base
    • MAC fluidline in blacktrack as a base on outercorner and to line
    • MAC cream colour base in Magenta as a base in middle of lid and under eye
    • MAC shadows:
      • Nylon (highlight)
      • Goldmine (inner corner)
      • Hepcat (middle of lid and under eye)
      • Carbon (outer lid)
    • Zoom fash last black
  • skin:
    • Arbonne Face Primer
    • Arbonne Foundation in Buff
    • Arbonne Translucent Loose Powder
    • MAC shadow "hepcat" used as a blush
  • lips:
    • MAC lip pencil "plum"
    • MAC lipstick "pink plaid"
    • MAC dazzleglass 'funtabulous'

Pregnancy Update -- 15 weeks

Hey guys. So I'm 15 weeks and a few days today. I'm hopefully finding out the gender of the baby next week at my next appointment!

The baby is about 4.5 inches long and weighs 2 oz. The baby is constantly moving and doing flips. Most of the baby's vital organs are working at this point, and it even already has some hair on its head and its own set of fingerprints.

Here's my tummy at 15 weeks and 111 lbs...starting to get a little bump, hehe :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm doing body painting for a fitness clothing company called Lululemon. They're opening a new store here and want to have body painted acrobatics performing at the grand opening party...i'll post pics later tonight!

I was working with Mehron's cake products. Their new formula really sucks, so if you can find their older formula, DO IT. The difference is night and day.

If you don't know, Lululemon is a higher-end athletic apparel company that started in Canada, but it's trendy and cute designs have made it very popular in the US. The bags they use in their store have this design on them, which was the theme of the body painting:

This project took WAY longer than planned. We had 2 models, and 3-4 artists. My partner for my model had to leave an hour into the project, so I pretty much did the entire thing...some pics:

and there's me in the back...hehe

I know it looks orange...but it's actually very On her eyes I used Ricepaper shadow, Smut Shadow, Blacktrack fluidline, on her cheeks i used Smut shadow to contour, on her lips I used: Grape lip pencil, and purple lipmix. It looked 10 times better in person..

We didn't paint their whole bodies because lululemon wanted them to be wearing some of their clothes. So when the performers got to lululemon, they changed, and probably looked way better

the product i used:

I also HIGHLY recommend using mehron's "barrier spray". Without it, the product will rub off on contact. I airbrushed the barrier spray on, but it took forever. You can just put the product into a spray bottle and spray it on faster and thicker...but you're pumping finger will hurt after a while :)

xoxo LC

love these lips :)

products used:

  • eyes
    • MAC studio finish concealer nw15 as a base and highlight
    • MAC shadows:
      • deckchair (lid)
      • brown down (crease)
      • charcoal brown (crease, brows)
    • zoomlash in black
  • skin
    • PRESCRIPTIVES all skins mineral powder foundation level 2 warm light
    • MAC bronzer matte bronze
    • MAC mineralize skinfinish new vegas to highlight
  • lips
    • MAC lip pencil trimmed in pink
    • MAC lipstick impassioned
    • MAC cremesheen glass do it up

Thursday, December 9, 2010

holiday party fotd part 3

products used:

  • eyes
    • MAC select cover up concealer nw20 as a base
    • MAC shadows:
      • electra (inner corner)
      • typography (outer corner and crease)
      • no highlight, just the concealer
    • MAC fluidline blacktrack
    • MAC zoomlash in black
  • skin
    • MAC studio fix fluid nc25
    • MAC mineralize skinfinish medium and light
    • MAC blush taupe to contour and for brows
    • MAC blush tenderling
  • lips
    • MAC lip pencil lure
    • MAC lipsticks "hug me" and "hot tahiti"

holiday party fotd part 2

products used:

  • eyes
    • MAC select cover up concealer nw20 as a base
    • MAC fluidline silverstroke as a base on lid
    • MAC shadows:
      • idol eyes (lid and under eye)
      • crystal avalanche (crease)
      • vapour (highlight)
      • sifted silver glitter all over lid
    • MAC zoomlash in black
    • MAC fluidline blacktrack
  • skin
    • MAC studio fix fluid nc25
    • MAC mineralize skinfinish light and medium
    • MAC blush mocha
    • MAC blush taupe to contour and for brows
  • lips
    • MAC lip pencil grape
    • MAC lipstick violetta
    • MAC lip mix purple

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holiday party fotd part 1

Will post a more dramatic holiday party fotd tomorrow...
If you're going for the cutesy innocent girl holiday party look, this is what I've concocted for you:

Products used:

  • eyes:
    • MAC select cover up concealer nw20 as a base
    • MAC shadows:
      • Cloudbound (sub vanilla pigment) for highlight and lid and under eyes
      • Goldmine on outer lid and into crease
      • Ochre style in crease
      • "reflects gold" mac glitter all over lid and highlight and under eyes
    • MAC liquidlast liner in point black
    • for brows: MAC shadow espresso
    • zoomlash in black
  • face:
    • MAC moisturegleam before foundation (sub Clarins instant light complexion perfecter in champagne shimmer)
    • MAC studio sculpt foundation nc25
    • MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in medium
    • MAC blush "Garb" (sub tenderling or eversun)
    • MAC blush "Taupe" for contour
    • MAC glitter "reflects gold" for highlight
  • lips:
    • MAC lip pencil "redd'
    • MAC lipstick "poppyhop"


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Managed to get 3 of my FAVORITE discontinued moisturizers at the cco last night: moisturelush. SO excited. I also got blue peep fluidline, and 2 diff shades of Prescriptives mineral makeup that I love that I guess they're discontinuing...

Friday, December 3, 2010

MAC Haul

I am so excited that I was able to get some kit staples while i've been here in maryland. So far I've been in the emergency room, and the next day had the flu, so my trip hasn't been so great so far....but getting all these goodies makes me happy :)

my mac haul:

what i got:
plushlash in black, zoom fast black lash, careblends oil, bulk wipes, saddle eyeshadow. charcoal brown shadow, studio finish concealers nc15, nw15, and nw45, studio sticks in nc25 and nc42, studio sculpt foundations in: nw25 nw40 and nw45, mineralize skinfinish naturals in light, medium and medium-plus, lipglass in easy lounger, plushglass in cushy white, cremestick liner in gingerroot, brush cleanser, face and body foundation in n7


Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm in Baltimore

I am not in a good mood....ugh.

So yesterday I flew with the kids from Phoenix to Baltimore, a 4 hour flight. My 6 month old baby, Cora, is just the sweetest baby I've ever known. She doesn't cry at all unless she's hungry or tired. She's always happy and smiling...Well on the plane was a different story. She fussed almost the whole time...and took a poop, and I changed her, and as I'm changing her, it just kept coming out and out and it got all over her outfit and her, and I didn't have a change of clothes (something I meant to have but forgot :( ) So she was wearing a diaper, and a little jacket...ugh. The last  hour of the trip went ok. Then at night she woke up every hour. She normally sleeps through the night. So I got the worst night's sleep I've had since she was first born. Today I'm super sore, my uterus is cramping, and I don't know if I can go to the doctor because of my out of state insurance. Lastly, I'm staying at my parents' house, and they have zero things to eat. Don't they know I'm pregnant!?!?

Sorry no FOTDs this week since I'm out of town...

xo LC