Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm doing body painting for a fitness clothing company called Lululemon. They're opening a new store here and want to have body painted acrobatics performing at the grand opening party...i'll post pics later tonight!

I was working with Mehron's cake products. Their new formula really sucks, so if you can find their older formula, DO IT. The difference is night and day.

If you don't know, Lululemon is a higher-end athletic apparel company that started in Canada, but it's trendy and cute designs have made it very popular in the US. The bags they use in their store have this design on them, which was the theme of the body painting:

This project took WAY longer than planned. We had 2 models, and 3-4 artists. My partner for my model had to leave an hour into the project, so I pretty much did the entire thing...some pics:

and there's me in the back...hehe

I know it looks orange...but it's actually very On her eyes I used Ricepaper shadow, Smut Shadow, Blacktrack fluidline, on her cheeks i used Smut shadow to contour, on her lips I used: Grape lip pencil, and purple lipmix. It looked 10 times better in person..

We didn't paint their whole bodies because lululemon wanted them to be wearing some of their clothes. So when the performers got to lululemon, they changed, and probably looked way better

the product i used:

I also HIGHLY recommend using mehron's "barrier spray". Without it, the product will rub off on contact. I airbrushed the barrier spray on, but it took forever. You can just put the product into a spray bottle and spray it on faster and thicker...but you're pumping finger will hurt after a while :)

xoxo LC

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