Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Tutorial!

I've had people asking me to do tutorials for about a year now...I had been wanting to this whole time, but I finally just got a new computer that will actually allow me to do them!

I shot this first tutorial using my old camera. The audio on that camera is really bad, so that's why you won't hear me talking and instead I've just put in captions. The first 2-3 videos will be structured in a similar way until I get my new and improved camera :)

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  1. You are very talented, this looks fabulous! I think I`m gonna do this look for tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I came across your blog when I was 'googling' Mac products and just fell in love with this look! So dramatic and fabulous, you are so clever! I will share this one with my daughters, thanks for the video! and I look forward to more! (Can you share a few tips for older ladies in love with Mac and all their pigments and shadows ;)!)
    Warmest wishes from Jen

  3. I don't have an youtube account yet, but I downloaded it in my computer so I can look at something when I'm not connected to the Internet lol I know it sounds crazy but I like to see how makeup is done